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Ginger Snap LARA Bar

August 22, 2009

Warm and cool at the same time, ginger has always been a flavor that’s perplexed me. From ginger cookies at my grandma’s house to pickled ginger from the Asian foods aisle, I’m a fan of all forms. This LARA Bar did not disappoint with its cozy spicy flavor. Not as spicy as the Cocoa Mole, the ginger left a tingle in the back of your throat but was sweet and tasted like a soft chewy cookie.

I love the texture of LARA Bars, from the soft dates to the crunchy almonds; it always blends together perfectly. This flavor was no exception. It was a little greasy, leaving traces of oil in the wrapper. Filled with Christmas time spices this was a comforting flavor, as well as being slightly refreshing. I loved it! At 220 calories, Ginger Snap is one of the higher calorie LARA Bars, but the flavor or nutrition leave little to be desired. With simple, pure ingredients, LARA Bar packs in 5 grams of protein and fiber.

This would be a perfect snack when you need a morale boost with a wholesome, filling bar. Cut in slices on toast or as an oatmeal topping, this flavor is as versatile as it is delicious!




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