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So Much Excitement, So Little Time!

August 22, 2009

I feel like I’ve lost touch, probably because so so much has happened in the past couple days!


Thursday began with my favorite breakfast ever.

I think this will be on my list of requests for my last meal.

Along with a “protein yogurt” (2 tbsp jay Robb, a little cocoa in about 3 oz soy yogurt,) I had an almond butter ficoco sandwich on a crustie.

What is a crustie you ask?… well when I had 8 oz of dough left after the pizzas, I divided it into 2 oz pieces and stretched them out then let them rise. They baked at 500 for about 7 minutes and came out thin, but not too thin to slice horizontally. If you like crust, this is basically like a sandwich of only crust. It’s the two ends of the bread, but bigger and better! J

The crusties….

They really make for a delicious sandwich, but engage your jaw muscles a little more than regular bread does! Warning: crusties are for hard-core crust lovers, only!

This sandwich was also made possible thanks to these fine sponsors:

Ficoco may be Croatia’s best export. I’m running low and haven’t seen it anywhere local, so I’m trying to figure out how to make it at home. I don’t have access to figs very often but I wonder if dried fruit would work, rehydrated… almost like mincemeat? I digress.

Trader Joe’s almond butter makes the world go round. I love other almond butters, but this has been my favorite so far, and it’s so inexpensive! It’s the best of both worlds, if only I lived closer than 2 hours from the nearest TJ’s!

I went to work and then the gym…

The Workout

I did .75 miles on the armbike in 45 minutes

Then Abs, leg raises (weighted) glute lifts and some PT exercises and stretching

I went downstairs for a relaxing 20 minute swim… I love falling into a rhythm with swimming, it reminds me of running. J

After the gym I came home to a yummy lunch:

So much tempeh!

And my mom and I practiced my hair for my senior picture.

I went out to dinner and fireworks with Emily and Mike, which was awesome! She’s leaving Monday, so it was so great to hangout!

We went to Sakura and along with miso soup, I got a roll with cucumber instead of rice and nori… it had yellowtail, caviar, salmon, and Ahi Tuna. It was good, not great. I love sushi rice, but this struck my attention because of all the yummy fish!

After fireworks we went out to ice-cream and I got a big soft vanilla Only 8 on a sugar cone with rainbow jimmies! Nice!

Friday morning, I had a PT appointment, but I thought it was time for a cooked bowl of bulgur wheat

Bulgur rhubarb, banana, cinnamon, strawberries, egg white and a cinamon raisin gnu bar. OH! And naturally more peanut butter….

Along with being delicious, this bowl was super nutritious with tons of protein form the Bulgar and egg, fiber from the gnu and bugler, happy fats and protein and fiber from the Naturally More, plus 3 servings of fruit. Not too shabby for a breakfast!

I was late to physical therapy as usual, and it was… ehh. I don’t like my ankle at all. Not even a little bit!

After PT I headed to the gym for a workout…

The Workout

I did the armbike for 30 minutes, .5 miles

Abs, leg rises (with weights) glute lifts, pushups and runner’s crunches, plus some calf raises.

I went down to the pool and swam for 25 minutes. By the way, I am so not a hardcore swimmer. I can’t even do the flip-thing; I have to physically turn around. Oy vay… the real swimmers just look at me and shake their heads….

I’m perplexed by this idea…

Anyway, I drove home in an absolutely dangerous thunderstorm/monsoon/ tornado watch. Nice!

I got home and in the lovely rain on my porch  enjoyed the best sandwich… ever?

Dakota Crustie with ½ an avocado, a little salt and ½ a huge pink lady… the other half was a snack! J

This sandwich was so so so good… the crustiness of the bread, the crisp sweet from the apple and the creamy fresh form the avocado just came together so perfectly. I’m going to marry Dakota crusties. I really will.

I cleaned then munched on a Lara bar and some fruit while doing some emails and typing up recipes. The LARA bar was ginger snap, which was awesome.

Around 7:30, 8ish? We left for dinner… we went to the Tuscan Grill, a newer place on Route 9. I was really dizzy by this point… I was very shaky and light headed. I’m not sure exactly why, usually I don’t get like that without food. More reason to get tested for diabetes!

I had 2 huge slices of warm yummy chewy bread before our dinner came out…

My entrée was monkfish with Tuscan beans, over spinach roma tomatoes and angel hair. My overall impression was good, but the fish was a little over cooked. The spinach was VERY greasy and I wished there were some more tomatoes. With that aside, it was good J… I’m a skeptic.

We stopped at GP’s because Aunt Mary is up from Syracuse and everyone was hanging out there. It was a blast, I love my family… I had a juicy peach at Grandma’s but when we got home late, around 11:00 , I was hungry again.

Brownie batter with some honey flax flakes. Yummy!

So, what is all this exciting news!? Well… I have a new job opportunity which I am more than ecstatic about, and I have a new volunteer opportunity which is amazing… details to come, but let me hint that both are the perfect thing for me. 😉 🙂

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  1. Evan Thomas permalink
    August 22, 2009 2:41 pm

    mmm good eats! and congrats on the job offers, you’re right, they do sound perfect and now I’m very jealous lol

    • ohhmay permalink
      August 23, 2009 1:43 am

      Thank you!! I’m so excited!

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