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I’m a Big Dirl Now!

August 23, 2009

I used to pronounce “girl” “dirl” and when my mother would try to put me in a diaper or put me down for nap, I would tell her “no mommy, I’m a big dirl.”

17 years later, I’m finally a big dirl! Saturday morning everyone was at my GP’s house to paint, when they realized the color wasn’t mixed. Elu and I (with some help from Wang) saved the day and flew to Albany to get the paint fixed. Yup… Highway by myself. J After, I mentioned Jenna and I wanted to go to Saratoga and to my surprise, my mother said okay! Independence, where have you been all my life!?

Before all this occurred, I dined on an amazing breakfast:

The crusties were becoming a little stale, so I sliced one in half and soaked it in egg, vanilla extract, vanilla hemp milk and cinnamon. I cooked them with a little smart balance spray and then sandwiched them together with mashed banana, blueberries and vanilla syrup. The top got a dose of banana, almond butter (Naturally More) and blueberries. I really was in heaven. This was so delicious. My coffee was French vanilla ((I beat my mom to the coffee maker, so I made it flavored! 😛 )

For a snack I had half of the ripest juiciest mango in the world (aka my favorite thing ever!)

In the food pro, I pureed 1/3 a cup of steamed edamame, and then added the feish and weiser guac starter. I added ½ a mashed avocadoes, some garlic and cayenne pepper. ½ of this was massaged into diced bell pepper, spinach, tomato and sweet corn. The other half topped it off. YUM.

The Gnu Chocolate brownie bar was quite fantastic. I loved the flavor and texture of it.

Promptly after lunch I left for Saratoga, and we went to beads. Jenna made a bracelet and I made my grandma a bookmark and repaired some earrings.

We went to Four Seasons, my favorite place in the world! They have the most extreme vegan salad bar and soup bar, plus smoothies, Ice-cream, cookies, muffins, and more… all vegan! There is so much trendy health food stuff there, and I spotted coconut milk kefir!!!

Jenna and I got “rice cream sandwiches” which were delicious! I got mocha and Jenna tried the mint.

It was so refreshing on a hot day! We walked around for a bit and then took the “scenic route” back home…. Hahaha

At my house we decided to make veggie burgers (Jenna’s vegetarian and the fish was marinating in the raspberry chipotle sauce)

Prep corn, a cubanelle pepper, ½ a red bell pepper and ½ an onion

Cook in large pan over high heat…

Until they look like this… let cool

Puree black beans, a egg, 2 sliced toasted bread (I used high fiber) a little Dijon, hot sauce, chili powder, cayenne pepper, oregano, liquid smoke, Bell’s seasoning and salt

Pulse in the cooked veggies. Refrigerate until it can be made into patties

Form 8 balls

Squish into patties and top with a little bread crumbs (so they won’t stick to your hands)

Freeze for 30 minutes, then put the patties on a sprayed baking sheet and place under broiler. Broil 6 minutes, then flip and broil 6 more minutes. Smother in Mexican cheese, if desired, and broil an extra minute.

Top with tomato slices, salsa, and Feish and Weiser guacamole starter.


I had a little sundae for dessert, then was still hungry so I had a peach and breakfast cookie. All better! J

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  1. Evan Thomas permalink
    August 23, 2009 2:40 pm

    I’ve been avoiding making my own black bean burgers(mostly out of laziness) but it seems simple enough. Maybe I’ll give that a try with the can of black beans I bought. It’s that or black bean brownies

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