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Pecan Pie LARA Bar

August 27, 2009

Pecan pie was my LARA flavor adventure today and as usual, it was amazing. LARA Bar has pumped out another winner with the pecan pie variety, and its sweet crunchy flavor.

I love pecans but rarely have them and have only experienced true pecan pie a couple times. With a rich butter flavor, a hint of cinnamon, and the sticky sweet Karo syrup, this bar didn’t quite measure up to the real thing.

But not only was it delicious, but its healthy enough o enjoy on a regular basis! I would much rather feel great and “springy” after treating my taste buds rather than heavy and weighed down.

For comparison’s sake, a small slice of the classic pie contains over 30 grams of sugar and less than 1 gram of fiber. Not to mention the ingredients which typically consist of lots of butter, hydrogenated shortening, corn syrup and artificial flavors. I’m planning on giving my grandma some of these bars, as she loves pecan pie and hasn’t had it in years because of her cholesterol.

I wished there was a hint of cinnamon, to make it feel more authentic, and I think I would love this bar in a Jocolat version.




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