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Gah! Isa, Ris“oat”o, and the Nut Butter Maniac

September 1, 2009

Ahh! Okay, so today held a lot of success in the NY Vegetarian Expo department… I contacted a bunch of companies, and personally went to The Green Grocer and talked to the owner. He’s super interested in advirtising, but he’s going to get back to me about the booth. In my motivated spree, I thought ‘Heck, I’ll e-mail Isa Chandra from the Post Punk Kitchen!’… Minutes later she emailed me back! I was jumping up and down that I was talking to Isa Chandra, author of some of my favorite cookbooks! Unfortunately, she’s not going to be in NY the weekend of the expo… how cool would that have been though!? More work to do- this week is crunch week!

Last night my dad made pork chops, his favorite and I made the side dishes (grilled asparagus and risotto…) I had the oats and asparagus for din, it was perfect to fill me up!

I sued the risotto method with ½ an onion, steel cut oats, veggie broth, herbs and spices, then added chopped spinach when it was pretty creamy and cooked. My grandma and I loved it, but my dad said it was mushy. I was happy, haha.

PB2 banana cone. Yess.

I began the morning with peachy keen French Toast Oats with Canela-Arce Almendra Mantequilla (my new flavor! 😉 )

And sampled some Doble Chocolat Almond butter on a triscut…

I was hungry and had a long day ahead of me around noon while babysitting so I (gasp) ate a nutrigrain bar. The ingredients made me angry and the title snowballs my wrath… “nutria?”BUT, it actually did the job, and didn’t taste bad at all. There’s no such thing as perfection…

The Workout

Arm bike- 20 minutes, .34 miles

Abs with that squishy thing, pull backs, quads, glutes, triceps

Swim-30 minutes with a LEGIT SWIM CAP!

Lunch was so good… Arugula and spinach dressed with sesame vinaigrette and lemon juice, leftover “ris-oat-o” mixed with a pouch of salmon and some hot sauce, a scoop of hummus and leftover grilled asparagus.

Snack was Arnold flax and fiber bread with doble chocolat AB, which I smeared with extra once I decided I didn’t put enough on…

Dinner on the grill… Tempeh, roasted red pepper, mushrooms and the family’s fried chicken?

Mi plato- tempeh, bbq and hot sauce, mushrooms, and steamed broccoli

And the nut butter just won’t stop! This was macadamia cashew butter (9 oz cashews, 7 oz macadamia nuts) with ½ a vanilla bean and a kiss of honey. WOW this is my favorite smooth, creamy luxorious nut butter so far. I plan on marrying it.

Macadamia Cashew Vanilla Goodness…

So what should I name my flavors?

Honey & Sea Salt Almond Butter

Doble Chocolat Almond Butter

Cinnamaple Almond Butter (or Canela-Acre Almendra?)

Cashadamia Vanilla Bean Butter?

Vanilla bean Macadamia-Cashew Butter? (boring)

Vanilla-damia Cashew Butter?


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  1. Evan Thomas permalink
    September 1, 2009 2:09 pm

    That macadamia cashew butter sounds amazing. I would love to get my hands on some vanilla beans, they sound so flavorful.
    And I like the banana PB2 cone too

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