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Like a fish in the sea…

September 4, 2009

The only place peace is coming from right now is the pool. I love having a lane to myself, one two three breath, one two three breath, one two three… Swimming used to be torture but it’s getting really relaxing and addicting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not good, but I like it a lot. I’m thinking in a week or two I’ll be in enough “swimming shape” to start some workouts (not just hop in the pool for 40 minutes of laps).

Class this morning was awesome…. I don’t know why but I love lectures. I don’t need to do team work or work sheets or read independently, I like lectures. I take crazy notes and retain everything…. Hence why I did awesome in Global (McCoy) and awful in USHIS (Crowley). I’m excited for school for a couple things:

  1. I’m going to get back in the art room and recapture my watercolor love. And maybe “loan” some bamboo brushes to do China Painting! 😀
  2. Right now my schedule pleases me… 2 languages, challenging English, physics, NO math, and Econ… I think I may want to take college Physics, but then I lose French! Ohh the decisions!
  3. I will be able to leave an hour and a half early once I get my senior pass
  4. After May, I won’t need to come in until 8:40 and I can leave at 12:40 (Haha WOW! That, folks is considered not even worth it!)
  5. We have a new track and field 😛
  6. I can’t play Gym (boo.) BUT, I won’t have to go outside in 50 degree rain to play “soccer” with the “beginners” hahaha we had so much fun last year though…
  7. I can’t WAIT to see if we have a new foreign exchange student
  8. I’m the queen of the NHS (haha) so I get to call some shots!
  9. Without Cross practice I could start yoga, and can go to the gym everyday (boo. I miss XC.)
  10. I should be able to accomplish all school work in school with all my study halls, so my nights are freee!

Mango, more granola and this bowl of chocolate brownie oats was a delicious start to the day

I munched on a LARA Bar for snack after class (1/2 before the gym and ½ after…)

I did the school supply shopping and scored these babies!! 😛 Icepacks with lightning McQueen… because I have no speed limit.

The Workout

Full body strength: Abs, pull backs, triceps, shoulders, glutes, and quads

33 minute swim (3 sets 30 laps with 1 minute water breaks)

Hummus and tomato paste on Dakota.

Chocolaty goodness

My dad and I collaborated at the grill and threw together a delicious sausage and pepper sandwiches.

Mine defiantly was tempeh, peppers, and onions.

Desert was chocolate banana whip (made with a cube fof frozen nasoya silken chocolate creations and a little cocoa)

I proceeded to top it with vanilladamia cashew butter and instant espresso… much better! 😛

I was so hungry last night; I continued the eats with an apple and then a slice of Dakota with honey and SB.


Pictures to come but I didn’t get to take too many of food. (I didn’t really want to take too many of food…) I babysat for my last time and then went to an SAT prep course. I really would like to hire this guy to help me with College Apps, essays, course selections, admissions, ACTs, and SAT subject tests. He would be $500 for 5 one hour sessions… is that worth it?

Y was good, I got some laps in and then pool ran when flutter kicking started to aggravate my ankles.

The Workout

30 minutes swim

About 23 minute pool run

I’m tired and not so happy with life right now. I gotta get my mind in a better place! Concerns:

FR: since reading IE, I’ve been happy with COMPLETELY giving up counting calories. But, I feel like my eating has been so sporadic… I’m trying to just eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full, but without a “plan” (just eating whatever I feel like all the time) I find myself eating constantly… stuff I don’t even like… and not even out of hunger?… I don’t know, I need to re-read the book and maybe a couple more nutrition books and find what works for me.

AR: (ankle related) How will college work? If I need surgery in December, I’m in a cast until February. They wouldn’t operate on ankle 2 until July/ August when the other is healed enough to walk on. That just wouldn’t fly, especially at a uni far from here. AHH. Plus the surgery to get the pins and probably scar tissue removed is going to conflict with going away too. I feel like my future is being shaken like a snow globe and then set on its side.

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  1. Evan Thomas permalink
    September 4, 2009 5:15 pm

    I like the banana and tofu combo. I’ve always wondered what to do with that stuff

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