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Where’s Waldo?

September 11, 2009

Is he hiding in the homemade cereal?


Home-made banana nut crunch… delicious? YES! Waldo? No.

How about in the new Green Monster peanut butter cookie chip ice-cream (made with avocado, peanut butter cookie dough and chocolate chip?)

My mouth=Happy… but no Waldo.

How about the delicious bistro lunch I ate while completing my 24 typed pages of summer reading (last minute?!)

Nope, he’s not here.

How about the carrot cake French-toast oatmeal I had on the first day of school?

No not in here! (It’s too hot for Waldo!)

What about in that amazing Asian stir-fry I had for dinner last night?

No… not here.

Orange in chocolate, chocolate in orange. Made possible by Mr. Newman….

But you won’t find Waldo here.

How about at school?


Or at the Y?

The Workout:

7 min swim warm up, 10 laps hard, pool run 40 minutes, 10 laps hard cool down

The Workout:

6 min swim warm up, 10 laps hard, pool run (hard) to make 45 minutes, 10 laps hard, cool down to 55.

Silly Waldo, there you are!


Okay, all jokes aside… school and life has been crazy. Let me fill you in:

  • I’m taking AP English, French, Spanish, DL Macro Economics, Gym, Physics, and Physics Lab, Doing an internship program and now taking INDEPENDENT STUDY HARD CORE CHEM, a la McC!
  • I’m super excited, this year is going to be challenging but I think I’m going to enjoy it a whole lot!
  • I got my summer reading done… just in time… to be told… it was due Monday. 😡
  • I can’t wait to find out where I’m interning! It’s going to be a blast
  • I don’t have diabetes and my iron is a-ok!
  • I hope (think) I may have a workout buddy, He just needs to get his membership!
  • Ahh! I’m so excited and energetic right now!!


  • I am the master of homemade cereal! (Banana Walnut crunch baby!)


  • I have filled all the empty Snapple bottles with iced tea and coffee creations of my own… Much better!


  • I love being a senior. Love it!
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