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Busy Busy Dirl!

September 16, 2009

So can I just say I love being a senior? I really do. I felt “privileged” at the end of last year because no one ever marked me late, I could go “to my locker” and hang out with friends and no one would bother me… I thought this year would start all over, back to square one, but I’m kind’ve where I left off. I like it a lot! I love all my teachers (seriously!) the aides, the janitors and even the administration. There isn’t one person I deal with every day that I really don’t like. I love my class more and more each day, they’re a good group of kids and I really like being in class with them.

Thank you God!!

What is that?? I’m thinking a lamb… that would be the biblically correct reference. OH! Good news! I’m going to be a part of our church’s youth group! I’m so excited…. I really feel like now that I have time and I understand who I am and where I want to go it’s time to give back. I’ve done a lot of taking, especially in the form of taking advantage of what was given to me: athletics, art, brains… I sulk about my ankle far too much and don’t spend enough time just talking to God, reading, focusing, or listening.

The pool has become my place to regroup. I figure where I “renewed” myself before was on the road on a good hard run, and once that was taken away I had a difficult time doing anything, especially focusing. Now, slowly, the pool has those same effects on me and I really miss the water when I’m not in it.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not GOOD AT ALL at swimming! Really. Not even a little!

Speaking of here are Sunday, Monday and Tuesday’s

S- Arm bike 20 min, abs, shoulders, glutes

Swim- 7 min w.u pool run 30 minutes swim 10 fast laps

M- Arm bike 20 min, abs, legs

Swim- 7 min w.u, pool run 1 lap easy, 2 hard, swim 5 laps, Pool run 1 easy, 2 hard, swim 4 laps, pool run 1 easy 2 hard, swim 3 laps, pool run 1 east 3 hard

T- Arm bike 30 minutes, abs

Swim- 30 minutes, relaxed pace, no breaks (longer than like 15 seconds haha)

And on to the eats:

Sunday morning caramel apple oats! Yummy in mon gateau… no that’s not right.

Before the veggie expo meeting I polished of the last of the homemade banana nut crunch… not to self: make more ASAP!!!

So thanks to Mrs. Pachell, it was obviously Sushi Sunday a! I had a veggie roll with salmon sahimi (a la me… haha leftover from my romantic dinner for one)

And I baked for the first Muffin Madness Monday!!!

Blueberry Cinnamon Crunch Muffins

The Recipe:

1 lb blueberries, frozen, tossed with a few tbsp flour

6.75 cups flour (I have to check on this…)

1 cup sugar

2 tbsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

3 eggs

2 tsp vanilla extract

¾ cup oil (light olive)

2.25 cups vanilla soymilk

Muffin method that shit!

Top with:

1 cup rolled oats

½ cup crushed corn flakes

1/3 cup dark brown sugar

¼ cup oil

2 tsp cinnamon

Heavy pinch of salt

Bake at 400 for 20 minutes, rotating halfway. These came out so good! They’re obviously not healthy, but all is well! I can defiantly do these with whole wheat pastry flour and reduce the oil in the topping, swap out some stevia for the sugar… but sometimes you just need a good classic blueberry muffin.

(Especially if you’re baking for 3 dozen people…)

Monday morning toast. Nice quick and lovely. This was 2 slices of Dakota, some smart balance and honey on one, apple jelly on the other.

Tuesday as my refuel after the gym I tried spiruteen in cereal with hemp milk. One word: Blah. I wasn’t a huge fan… I might try cookies and cream though, I’ve heard good things.

Chia oats have returned to my heart! For a cheap 10.95 I’ve replenished my chia supply!

Blueberry tea is delicious! Need to make it iced….

Kiwis apple style are the bomb. And everyone makes fun of me!

This was oozy gooey goodness! It had one egg, fried with a runny yolk, hummus, bruchetta, a portabella and hot pepper spread.

Gah!? Turkey free turkey? I sampled this for dinner in a wrap and I like it… It’s good, but I really don’t think I’ll buy it again.

I came home to the most amazing package!!! Thank you Amazing grass! I can’t wait to get to work on these goodies!

Desert was a square of Newman’s Own Organic 70% dark chocolate with hazelnut vanilla and peanut butter

70% dark chocolate:

It doesn’t melt as smoothly as the lighter varieties, but the flavor is great. It was very enjoyable, and I once again am impressed by the silky texture.


So here are somethings I’ve tried lately and L O, L O, L OVE, Like, or Disapprove of!

This. Is. Banana bread. It’s really so good, it may be one of my favorite flavors.


Banana Walnut Gnu Bars are so so good… I LOVED my gnu bar package, I recommend them to everyone. They do such a good job balancing my tummy and taste great! I love them to round out a meal and feel so good about eating one! I will be buying more… as in dozens! Haha


Golden crisp apples from the farmer’s market! Sooo good!!


Mild, amazing, and delicious! (Downfall: WAY! TO! GREASY!)


Newman’s Own Organic mints… what would I do after lunch without these!!??


Cane juice coated cocoa nibs… I meant to buy unsweetened and I realized my mistake at home… and now I can’t get enough of them! These are so good, and so addicting. A must try!!!


This tea… in my oats. It’s really the best thing in the world!!!


Baby carrots are the best crunch fix with dinner. They’re so much better than chips!!


Nu Go Organic chocolate peanut butter bar… thing. It’s nutrition facts were comparable to a Luna bar, minus the vitamins and minerals. It tasted kind’ve chalky but saved my life when I was shaking hungry the other day! I wonder what the other flavors taste like…


The texture wasn’t bad at all, but the flavor SUCKED. Two thumbs down.


Why does everyone say foam rollers hurt? I love mine, I got it the other day… It feels so good! (’cause my swimming legs get real sore! ;-))


So… I hope everyone had a great weekend, and I’ll be back sometime in the future with pictures, recipes and workouts.

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  1. Courtney permalink
    September 18, 2009 12:08 am

    Ooooh you didn’t like the choho PB spirutein?! try it in soy yogurt (or some other nondairy yogurt)… just mix 1/2 a packet into a 6 oz. carton and stir until your arm breaks to get the chunks out. so. so. good. =D

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