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Bonjour,J’ai REVIEWS!

September 23, 2009

J’adore French… I miss Español, pues necesitó espero para la clase a empieza en Javier (Ok, its Franglish)

So since the last time we spoke…

Sunday morning oats

This could not be any more comforting. I love my oats before 10:30 mass, it just works!

Sunday morning bowl of happy contained French toast chia oats made with some apple sauce and vanilla tea. Half had cocoa wisked in, and the other half was layered on top with strawberries, almond butter, and half of a Liz Lovely cowboy cookie… more on these later.


But first I enjoyed my grass…


And again…

Review #1

Amazing GreenSuperFood, Berry Flavor

This flavor didn’t taste a TON different than the original, but it was good. I liked the very light sweetness the berry flavor had

Once again, not delicious but not bad AT ALL!

Greek wrap with tabouille, broccoli rabe and hummus… YUM!

Has anyone tried chocolate coved espresso beans dipped in peanut butter? No? Just me? Awesome.


Review #2

Liz Lovely and her Cowboy Cookies

I discovered Liz Lovely at the Vegetarian Expo this Saturday. They have tons of flavors of organic, vegan, and gluten free flavors.

Cowboy- Chocolate chip with oats and walnuts!

Cowgirl- Chocolate chip!

Peanut Butter- With chocolate!

Ginger Snapdragons- Ahh! So good, with crystallized ginger and spices!

Chocolate Mousse Dragons- MY FAVORITE… cocoa nibs, chocolate, fudge…. This one is just delicious!

Snicker Dudes- cinnamon sugar

Maccaroini sock it to me- lemon and coconut!

And that’s not including the HUGE selection of gluten free options…among those I have the German chocolate to try.

These cookies are everything I expect in a cookie! They’re a little too sweet, but if I’m going to have a treat, it’s a Liz Lovely cookie. Order a sample pack today to live a fulfilled life. Seriously.

This statement was not endorsed by Liz, I’m just so in love with her lovely cookies!!!


Review #3:

Kashi Veggie Chana Masala

I really appreciated Kashi makes vegan frozen goodies, and this was absolutely awesome. I had chana masala at an Indian restaurant about a month ago and I really liked it. This Kashi Entrée is awesome, and the sauce really mimics authentic Indian!! The carrots were kindv’e weird in this, but the pilaf was delicious. I loved the addition of eggplant and red peppers; they really made the flavors pop!

The garbanzo beans were good, but slightly mushy. (I did heat this up right!). Overall, it wasn’t spicy but I didn’t miss it… and I’m the queen of heat! Two thumbs up, a definite lunch time treat!!

Review #4

Kiwi Crunch Apple

This apple variety had a nice bite and a good flavor, but it’s not my favorite.

Although slightly reminiscent of the sweet tang of kiwi, the taste was slightly diluted for me. I would put this above Honey Crisp in my apple ranks, but below the holy Piñata, Golden Delicious, Pink Lady, or Braeburn.

I’m an apple snob. One thumb up!


Review # 5


Money tried the sample of V-dog, Vegan dog food, I received from the Expo. This dog food contains quinoa and oats, as well as complete proteins.

The Pros:

  • Improved Dental Hygiene
  • Healthier Skin and Coat
  • Improved Digestion
  • Improved Weight management
  • Increased Energy

Money really enjoyed it. I mean, she DEVOURED it!!!

The cons:

Top of Form

Crunchy Nuggets
1 x $37.00 20 lb bag.


Bottom of Form

Versus the brand new bag of Iam’s my mother just bought for her, 40 pounds for $35.00. Yes, it’s more than double the cost. And I’m fully aware of the disgusting remnants of all sorts of dead animals found in that food… Unfortunately, it’s not my choice.

When is it worth it? Defiantly if you have a smaller dog who eats less. A 20 pound bag would last twice as long for a medium size canine, making the cost practical. If you have the money to sink into making your large dog vegan, V-dog is for you! If you’re just looking for a healthier option for your pet that’s not quite as expensive, there are a lot of natural healthier dog foods that do contain meat.

1 ½ thumbs up!


Review #6

KD energy ChocoNut bites

I discovered KD energy at a local specialty store and was very intrigued. With ingredients like agave, coconut butter, cocoa, and rice protein it sounded like another healthy vegan bar. The fact this was in little bites was interesting though… Katie Dalton, the founder of the company, graciously sent me the ChocoNut to review. It got a little melty in our black mailbox, but I parked it in the refrigerator and it was fine (just a little messy) in only a couple minutes. I was saving these bites for a time I really needed a wholesome energy boost.

There is 1.7 oz in each container, which provides a good amount of bites. They’re pretty flat squares coated in coconut and if they’re not pre-melted, pretty tidy. Just FYI, I cut my LARA bars into little bites when I’m home so these pre-cut energy bars exited me even more. I LOVED the taste. This is seriously the closest any energy bar/bites have come to tasting like cookie dough. I could eat these every day, and they’re so indulgent! I really enjoyed my pack and I’m excited to find Katie’s second flavor now. Cookie dough, people!!!

My favorite part(s): Organic ingredients, local small company, it’s something different!!! 2 thumbs up!


Post workout Hummus, spinach, pepper sandwich… Price chopper hummus is good… not as smooth as Sabra or as tasty as Cedar though, I may have to try the other flavors though.

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  1. September 27, 2009 11:15 pm

    Hey Meaghan,

    I just saw this post and wanted to thank you for your review… happy that you liked them 🙂 And to tell you that Putnam Market and Wild Thyme Whole Food & Tea Co. in Ballston Spa is now fully stocked with both flavors so you should try our LemonZest!

    Thanks again! -Katie

    • ohhmay permalink
      September 29, 2009 1:05 am

      Thanks again Katie! I can’t wait to zip over there and pick up some more… they’re awesome on the way to the gym after school!!


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