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Gnu Love!

September 26, 2009

Gnu Love

I wanted to send a tribute out to Gnu Foods. They sent me a box of bars earlier this summer. I sampled these, and loved them. I’ve been out of my Gnu Bars for a while and craving them, meaning they were REALLY GOOD!

(When I crave something, it has to rock!)

Here is my recap of the flavors:

Banana Walnut was delicious. It tasted life fresh banana bread, without being too sweet. I ADORED this bar, my favorite flavor!

Peanut Butter is my second favorite. It had such a nice sweetness and peanut flavor. Really delicious!!

Though it didn’t taste like a brownie, this was AWESOME for a chocolate fix, and instead of tasting like cocoa it actually had a rich chocolate flavor (with little teeny tiny chips!!)

Espresso Chip gave me such a boost! It wasn’t my favorite flavor, but I had to get up at 5:30 a couple times this summer for volunteer work. I had this before I went out to stabilize my belly, give me a boost, and hold me over until a real breakfast.

This bar is so refreshing! Especially frozen, the lemon and ginger complemented each other and lifted my morale, any time I needed it!

Though not my all-time favorite, this fun flavor reminded me of fall and spring at the same time. I associate citrus with spring and cranberries with fall, so it was fun to have a bar that pulled both these elements. The orange was defiantly the predominating flavor, with cranberry as a milder background player. This was a little too sweet, but still really yummy.

Cinnamon Raisin was my least favorite flavor, most likely because I was expecting an oatmeal raisin cookie taste. It was decent, but I defiantly had fun with this flavor and crumbled it as an oatmeal topping! A little crunch, a little chew, a lot of YUM!

Nutrition Recap:

Gnu Bars are awesome for you, containing a whopping 12 grams of fiber, 8 of which is the soluble cholesterol lowering variety. The book Eating For IBS highly recommends soluble fiber as a way to stabilize your stomach, especially if you have Irritable Bowl (like me). These bars are all natural and low in sugar (sweetened with fruit juice), making they great for those with blood sugar issues. They really helped to regulate my digestion and never gave me an upset stomach, as fiber fortified products tend to do.

These are tastier and far more natural than any other fiber bars (All Bran, Fiber One, even Kashi). Gnu bars easily complete a lunch or make for a staying snack. They’re filling but don’t feel too heavy. The thing I noticed is you don’t feel stuffed when you eat one, but you’re not hungry for quite a long time!

Read my full reviews of some individual flavors, and in depth nutritional analysis:

Gnu, you win two thumbs up:

And a heart:

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