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They Started at Nuts, then Went Crazy!

September 26, 2009

Saratoga Peanut Butter Company is my go-to providers of the most creative flavors around… hands down. I felt it was necessary to dedicate a full post to them, considering my internship begins next week!!

Here’s what they say:

It all started in a small kitchen in the heart of Historic Saratoga Springs, NY.  A well thought out plan was developed to design a Peanut Butter that would not only deliver a heart healthy punch, but would make the soul sing as well.  Something that would be absolutely delicious, taste completely sinful, and is extremely healthful ….Eureka!  The Saratoga Peanut Butter Company was born. 

With unique blends infusing our fresh peanuts with Bananas and raisins, Local Maple syrup and Honey, Decadent dark chocolate ( we also make some with White Chocolate)….and well, you get the picture.  You have to try for yourself!  The handful of nuts over at the Saratoga Peanut Butter Co. are confident we can bring a HUGE smile to your face despite all the peanut butter stuck to the roof of your mouth.   Our peanut butters are made in small and controlled batches to ensure high quality and freshness in every jar.  We do not add any unnecessary oils, sugars, or preservatives.  It really is an all natural and delicious way to enjoy this wonderful staple while keepin’ it healthy.  Visit our nutritional page for more details.

It gives us a happy feeling to know our peanut butter can perhaps make you a healthier person and improve your life just a little. Not to mention you will have the most incredible tasting peanut butter and “whatever” sandwiches in your neighborhood. We wish you excellent health and boundless inner peace.

And we begin the tour of Saratoga Peanut Butter! Stop one: Plain Jane, also available in Organic.

For a natural peanut butter, it’s amazingly smooth. The texture is just so silky and the ingredients are simply peanuts and salt. I love this because it just melts flawlessly and spreads on anything.

The next stop is Plain Jane Chunky.

The consistency of the butter is the same as the Plain Jane creamy, but it contains little pieces of peanut making it adding a variety of textures. With a silky base, it still has a bite! I love this on oats because it creates textural variety while still melting perfectly.

Ahh, Almighty Almond Butter. Pure, organic, wholesome and delicious. Without any salt, sugar or added oils, Saratoga Peanut manages to make a fantastic almond butter. It’s so rich and if you ever come across this at a farmer’s market, look around for the Pixie’s Preserves booth because is to die for with their white raspberry jam.

The Almond butter is looser than the peanut butter, but still layers perfectly on toast and makes an awesome dipper for pretzels, apples and CHOCOLATE!

I LOVE almond butter with this:

Ficoco…Someone please find it and send it to me because I can’t find it anywhere!  (joking, of course)

Blizzard butter is Saratoga Peanut Butter Company’s white chocolate peanut butter. I tried a little bit, but can’t have it on a regular basis because it’s made with milk.

Kids love white chocolate peanut butter because it has a little more sweetness. It complements tart jams or just mashed berries on toast. Other ideas: drizzled on dark chocolate cake (yum!),  ice cream, or spread on chocolate chip bread.

Monkey Boy is one of my favorites. It’s so different and delicious! Banana peanut butter with raisins… how can you go wrong?!

This is so great on bagels, it’s really comforting! Banana peanut butter sandwiches are taken to a whole new level, and I love mine grilled with apple slices. I want to make Monkey Boy granola; I think that would be delicious! And my oats-in-a-jar (once this was almost empty) were fantastic!

Chillin chocolate is the dark chocolate peanut butter. It’s not too sweet but has a really rich flavor. The chocolate doesn’t cover up the peanut flavor as some chocolate nut blends do, and it’s great paired with Plain Jane or banana on a sandwich. I love dark chocolate peanut butter on chocolate chip muffins or cherry muffins. It’s delicious in oatmeal (as is all nut butter) and great to dip apples, pears, cherries, or pretzels in. Try this spread on top of brownies, or sandwiched between mini chocolate chip cookies. You can swirl it into vanilla ice cream for a real treat!

Last summer I made too many Chillin’ Chocolate fluff English muffin pizzas with this stuff!! Layer 1 tbsp of Chillin’ Chocolate peanut butter, one tablespoon fluff (completely cover the butter) with a few mini chocolate chips on a lightly toasted English muffin half. Return to the toaster until the top of the fluff gets crusty and caramelized… YUM!

New York Maple is awesome. It’s lightly sweet and you can actually taste the maple flavor. Jessica recommends it with apple slices, and Braeburn and Maple is my favorite combo. For breakfast, melt a couple tablespoons into some pure maple syrup for the best pancake topping in the world. Try this on waffles, in waffle sandwiches, or pull an “Elvis”, with bacon and bananas! Grilled Maple peanut butter and apple sandwiches are a definite favorite, and I like this drizzled on pumpkin pie! (Or in pumpkin pie, but that’s another story…) Also try it on banana bread or pumpkin bread.

Adirondack Jack is the champion of autumn nut butters. Are you ready for this? Its half Almond, half peanut butter with cranberries, flax seeds, sunflower seeds and a little cinnamon. It’s so delicious and if there is one peanut butter that goes perfectly on oats for a comforting warm breakfast, it’s this one. It’s crunchy and complex, and amazing with honey on toasted or fresh bread. I think muffins or granola made with this would be fantastic. I put cranberries and cinnamon in my oats when this is the topper and the flavors complement each other beautifully. Adirondack Jack was the best seller at the expo because once people taste it, they have to buy it. It has health benefits of almond and flax, and makes a perfect start or end to any day.

Try: Adirondack Jack and Cinnamon Honey on toast, Adirondack Jack in oats, Adirondack Jack in a sandwich with cranberry sauce (or jam) or Adirondack Jack between two slices of cinnamon cranberry French toast.

Saratoga Peanut Butter Company is a small local business that makes honest, wholesome, quality products. The gourmet flavors are creative and fantastic on their own, paired up, and in about every way you can eat a peanut butter. Do yourself a favor and try them today!

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  1. September 26, 2009 5:12 pm

    Thanks for the great reviewing! I definitely should order from this company. The Adirondack Jack and Monkey Boy definitely sound unique

  2. Tom Darold permalink
    September 28, 2009 6:37 pm

    I have ordered from this company. Got it from them directly, actually. They operate a stand at a crafts fair in Westchester. I haven’t had every flavor yet, but I will. My favorite? The last one I had. Doesn’t matter which one, because as soon as I have another, it becomes my favorite. They are ALL awesome. To repeat an old line…”Try it, you’ll like it.”

  3. March 19, 2010 4:24 pm

    Or make your own! I use my VitaMix to make peanut-almond butter. I think I will try adding coconut next time. Or maybe just some straight cocoa powder (Ah!laska organic is the best price/quality/processed correctly to keep the health benefits of the cocoa). I usually make my sandwiches with slices of banana, or just eat the PB on apple slices.


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