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Liquid Nitrogen, Sodium Benzoate and my Dorkie nature.

September 28, 2009

Here are three reasons I’m a dork:

  1. The most exciting moment of the past five years of my life occurred today. My friend Brielle has a father who happens to be a chemistry professor. He happens to have access to liquid nitrogen, and after some begging (just kidding) he said he could hook me up! Ice cream, here I come!!!

    Okay, here’s the plan. I want to get this for when the Steph gets her wisdom teeth out to make soft serve. I either am going to use a coconut milk base or a soymilk base, thickened with guar and xanthen gum… Ideas? Comments? Anyway, I hope to make a couple flavors: Chocolate caramel, Coffee, Pumpkin (?) and vanilla. While I have it in my position, I want to freeze some crazy things like apple slices and honey. 😛 yee-haw!

2. The most exciting thing I did this weekend was write 3 1500 word essays and go to SAT prep. Just livin’ the dream. L

3. I’m enraged at Price Chopper puts sodium benzoate in their hummus. They fail.

Cereal Messsss! Before church… this was so yummy: Bran flakes, a banana, strawberries, chocolate protein powder, cocoa powder, espresso powder, chocolate covered espresso beans, peanut butter, almond milk. I call this: a few of my favorite things… AKA ALL!

Cereal is evil. You can’t just eat one bowl! It never fills me up!

Veggie burger with spinach and red peppers, over hummus sriachi and mustard on a pita.

Apple with PB2 and apple pie spice!

Protein powder goo with fluff and spinach in a pita. Unfortunately the protein powder turned to a block of chewy nasty.

A mango. Goodbye yummy produce, I’ll miss you. (market fruit: blueberries, raspberries, mangos… are far from tasty right now.)

Tonight was a stirfry of sorts with a bell pepper, mushrooms, cashews, basil, spinach, and shrimpies. Plus 2 chips!

Newman’s Own Organic Espresso Dark Chocolate…

By the way, I’ve been doing a whole bunch of this:

And working out. I’ve gotten so much better at swimming! I can swim for 50 minutes straight as long as I alternate using the pulling block ever ten minutes or so (to give the ankle a break).

I used to post my workouts to give me a boost, but now I’m in better shape and improved… So I don’t need to put up every gym day.

Oat bran in a peanut butter jar on the menu for the morning!

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