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Goals and Exams

September 30, 2009

Today was stressful… I planned on getting up at 5:00 to study, and I should have learned by now every time I fool with my alarm clock it doesn’t go off. I ended up getting up with about 20 minutes to get to school. Ugg.

My Macro test was difficult. Not to mention I was so tired!!

Breakfast was a Bear Naked granola sample… it was just “ehh”…

Yummy cashew cookie LARAbar!

A couple apples, garden vegetable soup, a snack pita filled with hummus, Tofurkey, mustard, hot sauce and spinach…

I met with my Intern teacher and Jessica at Starbucks to discuss times and specifics and I get to start on TUESDAY! My head is BUZZING with ideas… I’m really excited!!

Some baby spinach and Arugula with sundried tomato vinaigrette.

Veggie burger with olives, roasted sweet peppers, tomato and spinach (ooh, and gobs of hummus!) Ezekiel Buns are so yummy!!

Bowl of cereal with protein, pudding and cocoa. Wow I love cereal! And ½ a cantaloupe… I love cantaloupe!

This Friday is our homecoming game, (woo hoo) then

Saturday I’m going to run the Saratoga PB booth at Troy… Stop by for some samples! (I plan on bundling WAY up because I get so freezing in the fall.)

Saturday night is my last homecoming dance (sniff) and

Sunday is Church and Youth Group board meeting… after is SAT prep.

Monday is SADD and Tuesday is my first day interning!! 😀 I’m so so excited!!

Friday is Penn State! Woo hoo! GAH there’s so much to look forward to.

So I’m feeling some goal setting coming on…

School: Try your hardest in AP English, don’t slack off in Physics.

The baby steps: do next multiple choice set tomorrow, Do journals then assertion Journals

Finish the Physics lab tomorrow

Make note cards and study French until 7th period

College: Register for the SATs, Apply to more scholarships, study for the ACT and SAT

Baby steps: SAT CR practice, look at common App essay topics again

Workouts: Continue to improve in swimming, begin to incorporate more walking

Baby steps: Swim rest of this week, walk 10 minutes tomorrow

Cooking: Branch out to a new challenging dish

Baby steps: Try cooking an Indian dish

Eating: Incorporate more veggies, take the time to make a filling breakfast

Baby steps: get up 5 minutes earlier to pack a salad, make oats tomorrow (Yum!)

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