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Clean Eating Quatro!

October 4, 2009

We’re going away next weekend so I thought it may be a good week to do a clean foods week. It’s not so much about restricting certain foods, but making sure I’m getting enough of those vitamins so I wont get sick with travel and the change of seasons.

The Plan:

10 servings of fruits and veggies everyday


  • Oat bran with natural teas, apple sauce, and natural nut butter (1)
  • Eggs
  • Green smoothie… (I’m thinking 1 cup hemp milk, a bunch of spinach, a frozen banana) (2)

Option 2:

  • Power smoothie with ¼ cup cooked oats, 1 cup hemp milk, spinach, Jay Robb egg white protein and frozen fruit (3)


I’m always eating snacks and I think my problem is they’re too dense, as I’m not hungry for my meals. I think produce for snacks is going to be crucial…

Good Options: (2)

  • Large apple
  • Strawberries and baby carrots
  • Kiwi and baby carrots
  • Bell Pepper and ½ mango
  • Grapes and baby carrots

Lunches: (3)

  • Salad with real vinaigrette: (1 tsp Dijon mustard, natural, 1 tsp sesame oil, 2 tbsp lemon juice, s&p)

    With: Tomatoes, salmon or shrimp, other veggies (grilled or raw)

  • A piece of fruit: Kiwi, apple, plum, pear, grapes, etc.
  • A natural carb: brown rice, sprouted bread, a pita, or soaked bulgur


  • Veggie soup (homemade) with beans and brown rice or another grain
  • A piece of fruit

Snacks (before the gym)

  • Raw or roasted almonds
  • Fruit

Post Workout snack: (1-2)

  • Hummus sandwich with 2 slices natural whole grain or sprouted bread and tomaote+spinach
  • Or protein smoothie with Jay, spinach or kale, frozen banana, hemp milk
  • If still hungry (because I always am!) Apples or carrots

Dinners: (2)

  • Grilled Sammie’s or wraps with all natural veggie fixings
  • Protein (from the sea or beans) a carb and veggie, either stir-fry style or home-cooked meal style
  • Soups or salads, homemade and natural ingredients

Desert: (because it’s necessary!!) (1-2)

  • Herbal teas
  • Banana whip with 1 banana, 1 frozen pudding cube, cocoa powder, topped with 1-2 tsp nut butter as topping or tbsp chopped nuts
  • Or: 1 slice toast with ½ mashed ripe banana mixed with cocoa, 1-2 tsp nut butter

And when I’m hungry because I always am:

  • Baby carrots or apples!

Things to avoid this week:

  • Soy because it makes me feel awful. Really, I’ve had so much trouble with soy lately!!!
  • Cereal… I need some challenges! I love cereal, but around this time of the year, I eat it for every meal so it’s a challenge to come up with new ideas. Plus, It does NOT FILL ME UP!)
  • Bars- unless greens plus in an emergency. (Again, need to stop relying on these… come up with new snack ideas!)


Market list:

  • Tons of spinach, produce, and bananas (especially!)
  • Veggie stock
  • Whole wheat or sprouted breads
  • Eggs
  • Containers for soup, nuts, and cut fruit
  • Frozen fruit… LOTS! (peaches, blueberries, strawberries?!)

What makes this work:

  • Prep ahead of time. When I’m tired, I just want to eat a huge bowl of granola!
  • I want to make 2 varieties of soup and the “Green Base” to all the AM smoothies.
  • Eating ENOUGH! Just because I’m vita-loading doesn’t mean calorie-lacking!

The days:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, as much of Friday as possible

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