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Don’t forget about the Food!

October 4, 2009

So I have a new LOVE:

Mixed with hemp milk this was creamy, delicious thick chocolate milk! Like a vitamin… In chocolate!! AHH try this stuff today!

For the Senior athlete dinner I made a gigundo fruit tray with a fruit dip from 1 O’soy strawberry yogurt, 1 container of Tru Whip (which does have some dairy) lemon zest and almond extract.

Friday night I made really fast sushi… and then my ankle started so I just ate a bunch of rice instead of making more rolls. Boo ankle. Boo ugly sushi!

So Saturday, I found out I needed to be at the Farmer’s market for 8:30 so I had to sprint out the door… On the way I made a delicious chocolate shake with 1 packet of Amazing grass, chocolate, 2 tbsp chocolate Joy Robb, 1 tsp cocoa powder (Ghirardelli) and a whole bunch of hemp milk… plus an ice cube. THIS WAS AWESOME!!! I loved it!!

I also grabbed a homemade protein pancake/muffin/biscuit from the freezer and toasted it with AB and honey… So quick! So yummy!

Snacks at the market were a gingersnap (LOVE) LaraBar… and…

An apple cider doughnut!! I hate doughnuts. I really hate them. But, apple cider is the one doughnut I will eat, and on a cold morning in the fall when the doughnut is fresh and warm….YUM. Nothing compares!

When I got home I had a huge salad with every veggie in the fridge and some tempeh.

Nut butter coated strawberries… x2 at least!!

An apple later on…

And lots of tea action! I had the berry sweetened for a change and it tasted like lollipop! So good! Through the night I also had English Toffee, and lots of decaf green.

Brownie batter and carrots before the dance!

Grilled tofurkey and hummus sandwich on Dakota from the freezer after the dance…

And baby carrots with chunky peanut butter

This morning Jenna left way early, and I got up around 10. I had a messy bowl of oatmeal with some tea, chia seeds, granola and a trifecta of nut butters.

Thief more granola

And an apple…

A big bowl of soup after youth group (Vegan Chicken!)

My mom re-vamped the breakfast nook so I can eat in Tuscany!

Ohh and this is my latest experiment. Can you guess what it is? I think you’ll find out very soon…


On a different note, here are the challenges of this week:

  1. Pick 4 people, one for each day, and make them feel special. That is, 4 people you dislike, dislikes you, or you’ve never talked to
  2. Do something for someone close each day this week
  3. Drop random notes of kindness everywhere you go… weekly quota: 20!

Food challenges:

  1. Drink a green smoothie every morning as part of my clean eating quarto, because I’m going away Friday
  2. Take the double a day challenge and eat double the produce recommended… instead of 5-8 servings try to pull off 10-16… To encourage fruits and veggies for snacks!
  3. Explore non-meat, non soy protein sources for soups, salads and “Meat and Potatoes” dinners

Workout challenges:

  1. Set a new PR in SOMETHING… the pool, the arm bike…
  2. Strength train a couple days
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  1. October 4, 2009 9:01 pm

    Mmmm I love that it’s apple cider donut season again!

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