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Homecoming Week

October 4, 2009

So have I told you I’m a boy in my free time?

My brother and I look so similar I was mistaken for him by one of his friends hahaha… I wanted him to dress as a girl (aka Me) and then we would switch classes, but he wouldn’t do it. Boo Joe! 😛

It’s convincing, no?

“Mr. Powell”

They’re so pretty….

But what about the homecoming dance? Did I go?

Oui! Thanks to mucho convincing from this girl:

We don’t fool around.

Haha the dance was a blast and then we came home and watched this movie:

La Moustache… No words…

(We’re so French!)

Our first home meet…

I miss this so so much. (haha look at the expression on Roxy’s face!)

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