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Clean Eating Uno

October 6, 2009

Okay, I remembered a new rule of clean eating quarto: NO SUGAR FREE GUM!!! It gives me a stomach ache EVERY TIME I CHEW IT, yet I continue to do so. My favorite is bublemint… 😉

I reserched sugar alcohols today and came up with some interesting findings… the inclusion of sugar alcohol is necessary in minty gums because when it dissolves in ‘yo saliva, it’s an endothermic reaction therefore it becomes cold. How freaking cool is that!? So why does my stomach HATE 5 gum? Large concentration of sorbitol, a notoriously difficult to dissolve compound (with 6 alcohol functional groups)! I also did some research on why soy is difficult to digest, and the findings are really interesting! The large, complex sugars require enzymes that some people lack and like many legumes, soy contains trypsin inhibitors, which make digestion even more difficult. I’m going to ask McC for some technical chemical explanations tomorrow. 😀

So the food has to be quick…but there’s so much!! Where to begin…

Last night was Rainbow Trout… I seasoned it with sesame oil, white pepper, orange zest, salt, poppy seeds, sesame seeds paprika and coconut… Then broiled it… It was so good!!

Because as you know, orange is a color in the rainbow… and so is purple, and red and white… So I tried to get the idea across. Colorfully seasoned! (Parsley would have been nice L)

The rice was brown and wild… cough… (Uncle Ben)… cough

And the Green beans were roasted with some sesame oil, fresh orange juice, and macaroni almonds. Heavenly!

The vivid green smoothie this morning had hemp milk, heaping ¼ cup spinach puree and frozen peaches. Creamy!

Oats with the best ever nut butter… ever. And it’s a secret still, you’ll find out soon enough! 😉

For lunch I had a salad with hummus, veggie turnkey and lemon juice, and an apple. Snack was an apple and kiwi. When I got to my grandma’s house after my workout I had a bunch of HUGE BLACK GRAPES! They had pits though… boo!

This was the first time I’ve had meat in over 3 months! Whoa! It wasn’t bad, I love Grandma’s chicken noodle soup and she would really be hurt if I passed it up. (Especially because I’m not feeling well so she made it especially for me!)

Dessert was SO GOOD! This was the best banana whip in forever. It had 1 pudding cube and about another 1.5 tbsp chocolate pudding while blending. Top with a little Naturally More (It doesn’t take a lot) and you have heaven on a spoon!

I made up a batch of hummus, bagged grapes, carrots, apples, and cucumber and then ate way too much hummus! Yummy!!! I can make great flavors, but I cannot get a creamy texture in my hummus. Suggestions?!

And this is the surprise. It’s amazing! Guesses? A full post to be dedicated to this… and I will be making much much more in the near future.

Tomorrow is my first day of peanut butter work (woo hoo!) and then the gym. So tomorrow on clean eating dos: No sugar free gum! But there will be chicle, and I’ll give you a hint: It may bring you Glee!

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  1. October 6, 2009 2:01 pm

    Yippee for Glee! They sell it everywhere around here because it’s a Rhode Island product and they take pride in it

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