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Grandma time.

October 8, 2009

I spent a ton of time today working on my blog and I’m proud to say the Recipe page is up and running! The recipes are all user and printer friendly; I have MILLIONS more to add, but I’ve decided the feature function of the blog is going to be the recipe page. I also plan on adding a review page, with links to my reviews. I’m thinking each should have its own post so they’re easily accessible.

I enjoy blogging day to day events and eats, mainly for myself. I love journaling so I can look back to last March and see delicious fluffer-nutter oats and how my run went that day. I think my blog could serve a function with the recipe and review pages. A search bar is also necessary. Any ideas on how to add one?!

Today I wasn’t feeling well, and it worked out because my Grandma needed surgery on her eye so I was able to sit with her once she got home from the hospital

Long but quick eats of the day:

Chocolate green smoothie time! This one had cocoa, cocoa bean stevia, spinach, hemp milk and peaches.

Oats were much prettier! This bowl was Vanilla apple sauce FT oats with sunny flower seeds and peanut butter.

½ a sliced pink lady

Grape Tomatoes

Spinach and hummus wrap… look vaguely familiar?

And ugly Green Monster #2! This one had cherries, hemp milk, spinach and this stuff:

Je n’aime pas. It wasn’t the best, the original and chocolate are much better!

Baby carrots with peanut butter… guess what’s on the menu tomorrow!? Yup, another jar empty!

Firm. Amazing. Delicious. Grapes!!! Ohh how I love thee!

Gala. So beautiful, yet such a letdown! As an apple snob, Red Delicious and Gala don’t even belong in the delicious apple family tree.

Nuts, nuts and more nuts. I was HUNGRY while I sat with my Grandma… she had her cataracts done today so I got to take care of her for once!

And more baby carrots

Finnally when I got home from the gym, I had a big salad with hummus, salmon, lemon juice, other veggies, hot sauce and brown sushi rice!

Brown sushi rice and hummus is the most heavenly combination EVER. Is a point to brown rice sushi (besides the delicious factor)? They need to wash all the starch off the grains, so they go through a triple washing/scrubbing cycle. I wonder if it removes the bran?

And the highlight of my life, chocolate banana whip with almond butter and coconut. Ahh, much better

Tea Tea Tea!

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  1. October 8, 2009 1:56 am

    The recipes look great! That’s what I hope to do with my product page, too–to give them each their own mini page. I think it will take a lot of work and time but make everything much more readable, appealing to companies, and be worth it

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