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I love you, tomorrow.

October 9, 2009

My ankle had a bad day today, so I was defiantly a grumpy girl. I hope I didn’t upset anyone with my foul mood today!

Today was school then Peanut, where I packed and shipped boxes. After, I brought the peanut butter boxes home for the Farmer’s Market Sunday and then went to the gym.

I arm biked 20, did short abs, a couple legs and then hopped in the pool for a 45 minute swim. There was only one lane open so I had to share with two guys who were doing a legitimate workout and they passed me about a zillion times! Sigh. It wasn’t the most relaxing swim.

Tomorrow we leave at the crack of dawn for Penn State!! I’m really excited to see their program. It’s so prestigious, and my parents are excited for the creamery! I’m plugging in my battery as we speak so I can fill up my camera with pictures. I need to pack my clothes still and my food for the trip. I end up living off bars on road trips, but hopefully I can throw some produce in a cooler to keep my green (or fruit) intake up.

Wow that’s ugly! Another jar of chunky peanut butter down! The oats had spinach, chocolate and ½ a banana! Decadence!

(Okay, I’m aware the word “decadence” shouldn’t be associated with a photo of marbled swamp-looking goo and light brown goo.)

My salad to go, with veggie slices, hummus, spinach and arugula, tomatoes, a little veg parm and the juice of a lemon!

Produce for my day: Apple, carrots, and grapes. I brought the kiwi home.

Times this plate by 2! Right now, go into your kitchen and mix brown rice with hummus and hot sauce. Add spinach if you so desire and eat it in mass quantities. Ohh I love hummus and rice!

Then ½ slice whole wheat with ½ banana and almond butter. Gooey!

Firm and succulent.

Yummy crunch wrap with a little scrambled egg, pepper, other veggies…

And ½ a banana, mashed, mixed with 2 tsp cocoa, 1 tbsp hemp milk. Micro for one minute then add 1 tbsp NaSoya silken creations. Mix and then top with (or stir in) PB2.

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