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October 10, 2009

Penn State! Haha, we’re having a great time visiting University Park. This place is HUGE. There are so many students and the campus is bigger than two small towns combined!

The Food Science building is brand new, and several stories. It’s the largest food science building (or program) we’ve seen. The professors we meet with were extremely accommodating, and I love all the opportunities that are available here.

The campus is gorgeous. But have I mentioned it’ HUGE?!

Daddy and I in front of Beaver Stadium, which seats the population of Zimbabwe.

And the famous Penn State Creamery! Food science is heavily tied to the creamery operations, which is really neat. Now they just need a vegan flavor!

Okay, I’m going to be a scatter brain for a second and rewind to last night…

There was a slice of toast with secret butter… LOVE!

Baby carrots with Saratoga Peanut Chunky…LOVE!

My bar and tea stash for the road trip. I also packed 2 apples, 2 bananas, 2 bags of grapes baby carrots, strawberries and oat bran. This morning I was HUNGRY as soon as I woke up (4:50!) So I had the lemon LaraBar, which isn’t my favorite. I thought it would be similar to the decadence of the Key Lime Pie bar, but the flavor was just “ehh”… Then I had grapes, oat bran (made with hot water from McDonalds) with some almond butter, tons of strawberries and half the delicious Amazing Grass Chocolate bar.

We got to the campus and met with the two professors and toured the building. The sensory analysis room was so awesome!

After the meetings, information session, walking tour and questions it all of a sudden became 5:00, and I was a hungry girl.

With a recommendation we went to the Allen Street Grill. Disclaimer: They could have served me a shoe and it would’ve been delicious because I just went 7 ½ hours without eating… but…

They didn’t serve me a shoe! Instead there was a hummus plate, with GRILLED TOAST POINTS, veggies and two hummus flavors.

Lemon Dill and Cinnamon Caraway. GAH! These were so amazing! I loved the cinnamon caraway hummus; it was so warm and comforting. I emphasize the grilled toast points because it’s very hard to come by a restaurant with hummus and reasonable dippers. Almost always, I find fried pita chips or toast drenched in oil. Not the case here!

My entrée was maple balsamic glazed salmon with steamed veggie medley and jasmine rice. I would be lying if I said some of that hummus didn’t make it over to my warm veggies! I inhaled half, then slowed down and tried some pairings.

Ready for this one? Grilled flatbread topped with cinnamon caraway hummus and maple balsamic salmon. I can’t wait to recreate this, because it was so fantastically great! Think warm cinnamon with that sweet, tart and distinct maple glaze on the salmon. Such a great fall meal, with a light summer feel.

We sat on a glass balcony with such a pretty view. It’s downtown Penn State town, and Oh! Look across the street, it’s Penn State!

This giant scoop was the size of two of me!

Meagan Mary, Food Scientist. 😛

Penn State was awesome, but it had its downside like everywhere we’ve visited. The dorms aren’t wireless, and there are a lot of little fees (for example: the fitness membership, bike permit, and other little things the other schools have offered free.) I’m not sure if I would even get into University Park, and if I didn’t I would probably end up in Berk (near Philly) then transfer to the University Park campus as a junior.

We’re on the way to our hotel, as I munch on the other half of my Amazing Grass candy bar and sip some coffee. I’m so anxious to apply to my schools! Cinnamon caraway hummus, who would’ve thunk it!

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  1. Mae permalink
    January 19, 2010 11:30 pm

    I was accepted to University Park!! Wooohooo!


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