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GP’s 85!

October 13, 2009

Yup, my super awesome Grandma Pauline turns 85 today! But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Continental breakfast gourmet! 2 packs of oatmeal, honey peanut butter and a sliced banana. Simple and awesome!

There was so much produce munching in the car!

Please add cocoa nibs to your cereal NOW.

Hummus and brown rice salad is so good!!! I inhale this!

Cereal for dinner…In times of foodie desperation

And toast for dessert!

This was a thin crust tuna hummus sandwich! So good!

Liz Lovely chocolate dragon. I CAN NOT SAY ENOUGH ABOUT LIZ LOVELY!!! YUM!!!

Today I was craving French Toast, and my dad finally found pumpkin at the market! Pumpkin French toast with mashed banana pumpkin peanut butter spread.

Baby carrots and hummus!

Gourmet lunch: Rest of the container of brown rice, mixed with a whole bunch of hummus and spinach! YUM!

Sliced apple dipped in almond butter then cocoa nibs! YUM! And cocoa powder. This was an organic ginger gold, which didn’t thoroughly impress me. I actually thought it was too sweet, as there wasn’t enough of the characteristic apple tart to counter it. It oxidized really slowly, which was nice!

This pear however, was SOO SWEET in the BEST WAY! Yummy!

My mom mixed up a salad with tons of EVOO and our other typical Italian salad components.

I made flank steak and balsamic roasted vegetables for grandma’s dinner. Everyone loved them!

For dessert I made fudgy hazelnut chocolate brownies.


They’re dairy free and sooo decadent! I’ll post the recipe soon!

The landscape on the way home from Penn was beautiful…

And I leave you with the snuggie wearing dog!!! Hilarious!!!

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