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October 20, 2009

Right now I feel like I’m in a fog. The ankle is still hurting and I am miserable by night time. I used to be able to swim with rare pain, now every 5 minutes I need to use a pulling block. Why does this happen!? Why do I improve (just enough to give me hope) and then crash!? So that’s where I’m at as far as the ankle situation. Let’s move on to happy thoughts!

Once the ACTs are over I think I’ll be back on track, probably with a twice/week update. I’m so tired!!

Until then here are some eats as of late:

Cocoa nib, Peanut butter and banana… heavanly!

This was a pumpkin latee with almond milk, pumpkin, coffee and stevia.

Granny smith with assorted difppers

Dakota with Tahini, almond butter and sliced apple. Best breakfast EVER!

My Pizzzzza… on Saturday night pizza night with Joe.

Joe’s stuffed crust pizza… It came out good!

He liked it!

Sunday we had pasta… these were cute little mini penne’s, they were visually pleasing but I think I’m defiantly partial to the original. For sure!!!

Today was an hour swim, about 1/3 with the pulling block. Tomorrow I have interning and babysitting until late, so I need to get all my work done during school. Night!!

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