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Roast my Carrots!

October 21, 2009

Today was a hard day on the ankle, but Friday I have an appointment with the Orthotics guy so hopefully that will sort out a few things. (I think mine are broken, haha)

Eats were pretty standard: a cereal mess for breakfast, minestrone and fruit for lunch, a new bar for snack, more fruit, dinner and tea + hot cocoa galore!

At the farmer’s market this weekend I grabbed a box of heirloom carrots. Oh the colors! Purple, orange, white, yellow! Tonight I roasted them with cloves of garlic, sliced onions, and a sliced Bosc pear + S, P & extra virgin olive oil at 400 for about 30 minutes.

For the fish, I chose tilapia because it was the only thing that didn’t look repulsive in the seafood case. I remember reading somewhere that Monday or Tuesday night are the worst times to buy seafood because it’s right before they clean out the stock to replace it. I can’t believe that’s actually true! All of the fish was old looking… oh well.

I broiled it with S, P and a roasted red paquillo pepper sauce. It had soy sauce, honey, black pepper, paquillo pepper puree, lemon zest, chives and caper berries. My dad really liked this recipe, so I’ll have to note it.

To thicken the sauce for serving, I added about 1 cup of cold stock with 1 T corn starch and simmered until it was thick. Then I added about ¼ c. almond milk to give it a little creaminess. Quick, easy and yummy!

The harsh light! Ahh I need to read up on photography skills…

Speaking of reading here are my current reads:

Acing the Application

Writing a Successful College Application Essay

The Truth About Getting In

Ugg, I can’t wait until the application process is over, I’m so worried one little error is going to change everything!

Pumpkin latté, made with ½ decaf espresso…(boo, instant coffee!) and ½ maple vanilla tea. This was a yummy combination, along with Almond milk, pumpkin, and stevia.

I have a minor tea obsession lately. Ready?

I can’t wait to try sleepytime vanilla…Notice the unmistakable theme? I LOVE me my vanilla!


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