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The official party and a meal to come home to

October 27, 2009


Gingerbread Oats, with Newman’s Own Organic Ginger-O’s, maple syrup, ginger, and secret peanut butter

Soo Soo GooooD!

Sunday was World Youth Day, so little did I know I was going to be standing in front of the whole church singing… =-0 If you know my singing voice, you know why that’s shocking. All the officers had to stand up in front of the crowd… Ahh! Otherwise, it went well. (And by the way, I just moved my lips. No tunes here!)

After was Grandma Pauline’s Birthday party. I love this side of my family, so it was a blast. We got home so late and I still had an English Project to do! I was finally done at 12:30. Ugg I need sleep!

Today when I got home, I made banana bread from Evan’s recipe with some minor changes… (Soy yogurt) Everyone loves it!

My swim today was very legit. I out-swam good people today! Woo hoo… 45 fast minutes J

I came home to this dinner: Salmon with ginger and sesame, arugula with sesame vinaigrette, and long and wild rice. My daddy cooked! J

Of course, I was in trouble as soon as I walked through the door; which was very frustrating considering I came right home to clean the house and bake for the family. I almost ran out of gas because my dad took my truck and didn’t tell me, and then left me on empty without a gas station on the way to school. I made it to school and realized I didn’t have my wallet so I had to borrow money, which I HATE doing and put $10 in. by the time I got to the station, Elu was running on fumes. No joke.

So I’m a little frustrated, a lot poor, and a lot in the dog house. L Boo. But at least I’m well fed!

And then, dessert was some Pom seeds while I was cutting it up and this decaf cup of glory! 😀

Maybe I’ll actually get to bed early tonight!

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