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Missing My Google Reader!!

October 28, 2009

I decided 21 days ago I need to focus on school, college and work right now. I made some changes, and that included removing blog reading from my life. I said if I can do it for 21 days, I can break the habit and be much more productive… So what happened?

Week 1: I was more productive! I wrote Ohh May but still generally stayed focused

Week 2: Ugg this is getting boring, now I resort to searching completely random things on Google Images like “baby in a shower cap”

Week 3: I rediscover my love for RWOL and decide to waste my time that way!

So the conclusion of this experiment was: there is not one specific thing that adds to procrastination. I may procrastinate less if I’m not addicted to any one site, but when I take away something I enjoy doing I find another way to distract myself.

What am I going to do now!? Go back to reading blogs! In moderation of course, but I really missed them and I think what I take away from you guys is so valuable! I’m going to limit myself on days I’m swamped, but now I know what doesn’t fix procrastination.

So in other news, today I came home to a POD!!!

Haha they had the wrong house… I spent a little time hanging out in it… These things are awesome! The PODS truck just arrived to take it away, haha.

I made 2 new flavors of Saratoga PB and then read for a while. Today, I don’t think I’m going to the gym. I want to accomplish some core work though, so possibly before dinner I’ll take care of that.


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