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The Espresso Processo… and more!

October 29, 2009

Ohh, ahh sexy and sleek. Yes, I finally tried out my new (old) espresso maker.

I love it!!!

Yummy cappuccino…

So here are my basic Krupp’s espresso maker directions:

  • Fill up the coffee part thing to the line, wipe off excess.
  • Fill up other liquid part thing to coordinating line with water, add another glug for steam
  • Turn to brew until the espresso reaches the steamer line on the cup
  • Turn the maker to steam and steam 1/3 cup milk

    -Almond milk worked awesome! No separation and it tasted beautiful.

  • Turn back to brew until you reach you desired line then turn off.
  • Swirl in extracts or flavorings, if desired
  • Slowly combine the milk and coffee, pour froth on top

Yes, I know, I’m mighty specific and helpful.

We had taco salad for dinner. Blahhh…. Mine just had some salsa, black beans, and veggies. It wasn’t what I was in the mood for.

However, this sprouted grain bread was fantastic! Finished the package!

And more carbs for dessert… Banana bread with snicker doodle nut butter! 😛 Yummm

With some leftover espresso I made a mauve smoothie this morning. Le smoothie included cocoa, chocolate protein powder, espresso (!), ice, peaches, cherries and almond milk.

‘Twas fantastic!! A definite do-again!

Big bowl of cereal with apple flakes, poms and coffee beans.

Life is good:

At Saratoga Peanut Butter today, I introduced my three new peanut butters to Jessica and she loved one in particular. She’s making a large batch of it this week to test it further, then it’s a candidate for production very very soon!!! Hip hip horray!

I celebrate with honey crisp…

I ate brunch with my Grandma for her birthday at “The Ugly Rooster.” It was so much fun!! I actually attended about 9% of the school day today, haha. I love being a senior.

Super special Halloween costume tomorrow!

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