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October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

I spent my morning at the Farmer’s Market playing with Saratoga Peanut Butter… ‘Twas fun!

Ahh, it’s just so beautiful.

Kazana sent me several flavors of their unique Indian bars to review. I tied the Coconut Mango last week and was impressed by both the flavor and texture. Similar to a LaraBar, these weigh in at 45 grams with an average of 200 calories. They contain dried fruits, nuts and spices but also one ingredient I was quite weary about: Clarified butter. I decided to take a chance when I first receive the package, considering the lack of milk solids in ghee. The bar didn’t seem to bother me and again today it sat fine. I know immediately when something has casein… cue watermelon stomach and fighting squirrels…

The flavor of the mango coconut was my favorite so far. The coconut added the perfect mellow sweetness and the mango was light and not overpowering. The chocolate chip I didn’t enjoy as much. I defiantly tasted some chai spices, which (call me crazy) I don’t enjoy with chocolate. (Chocolate chai tea= :-X Cinnamon dark chocolate= :-X). Overall, it was a decent bar filled with the impressive trademark “healing Praas.”

When I got home, I was starving and immediately devoured way too many carrots in secret peanut butter #3! 😉

Sooo good!

A big bowl of chili was also calling my name, and who was I to say no?! I love, love, love “minestrone” vegan chili.

Halloween meal of the day= pumpkin latté! In the espresso maker (that I love…) I made some fresh espresso with half decaf half regular. I steamed hempmilk mixed with cinnamon, vanilla stevia extract, nutmeg and about 1-2 tbsp pumpkin puree. It was so great!

Let’s rewind to yesterday: Senior Halloween Day!

I was defiantly a mail order bride! At first, nobody got it but soon people started to understand and I was happy! Excuse the greasy face and crazy hair… The wind was about 913 mph)

Baby carrots, rescued by Saratoga Plain Jane Chunky!

Vegan chili I so amazing.

Clif kid’s z bar with a little additional peanut butter (and microwave) loving…

Grilled veggie burger wraps are so good! This was a rye wrap, red bell peppers, spinach, a garden veggie burger (broiled) and some tomato paste +hot mustard.

Mocha decaf cappuccino (made in my fancy espresso maker) as a bedtime snack. I used 1 tsp of cocoa in the “coffee pot” part so it dissolved in as the espresso brewed, and then sweetened it with just a little stevia. Some fruit accompanied this fancy brew!

By the way, almond milk and hemp milk both steam beautifully and make delectable cappuccinos.

Tonight should be fun. I’m excited for some Halloween shenanigans! 😛

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