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3 New Butters make my Belly Happy

November 3, 2009

Whew! I toiled over my food processor making 3 new top secret Saratoga Peanut Butters… Last week’s round went well. Hopefully this week production will begin on the first holiday flavor, and for that I am truly excited. 😀

I didn’t feel fantastic today and slept through my alarm. When I woke up at 9, after 13 hours of sleep I had no idea where I was so I decided to stay home.


Last night I had the last of the chili and toast with some Adirondack Jack

Adirondack Jack! ;-D

This morning I woke up to pumpkin French toast oats with vanilla hazelnut and maple almond butter and fig jam. Anything tastes better when it’s sunny out!

I snacked on Massive amounts of luscious buttuhhh

Lunch was a delicious chopped salad of:

Dinner was quite simple.. A heated up sweet potato and a slice of toast with the Baba Ganoush hummus and tomato paste.

Will someone please tell me how to spell Baba Gannouch?

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