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Frustration strikes again

November 3, 2009

So the entire situation with my ankle could be summed up with one word: frustrating. I am so very ready to be active again!! The surgeon’s appointment was… frustrating. Ohh May, that’s enough of that!

In other news Burger King painted their roof… it is now extra vibrantly blue. On to my day!!

Haha can you see it? It was really dark this morning when I woke up to a cappuccino (with 1 tsp cocoa powder) Yes, I made it in the dark. I don’t like lights very much!

Yummmm I had some toast with secret butter and fig jam smeared on it.

For lunch I enjoyed an Amy’s no dairy burrito (YUM!) and kiwi+honeycrisp. Snack was a big bowl of canned organic veggie soup. It wasn’t fantastic. Muir Glen Organics and Amy’s are by far the best canned soups I’ve had.

For dinner I decided to use this gem I picked up at Price Chopper on CLEARANCE! Woohoo!

Impressive nutritionals!

Okay, there is no way to make this look appealing, but the Kitchens of India
Rajma Masala was absolutely fantastic!! The flavor was delicious; it was moderately spicy and overall fantastic. What kept me from Indian food for so long was the typical inclusion of Ghee (butter) or yogurt in many dishes. I also perceived “curry” to typically be used in sweet sauces, which I don’t enjoy. This tasted very similar to restaurant (I’ve only been to 2…) quality. I liked it! I also stirred in about ½ a sweet potato to give it a little more bulk, and ate both servings over wilted spinach and arugula.

If you’re an Indian food snob feel free to correct me. I haven’t had much authentic Indian so as far as I can tell, this was delish!

After dinner, I just munched some new butters. I am so excited to go back tomorrow! And please keep me accountable for going to the gym afterward… I never feel like going after Peanut (because it’s typically much later) but I am in a horrible mood when I don’t get a workout in.

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