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I cracked the seal…

November 5, 2009

…of my first official jar of peanut butter!


Peanut today was…awesome. We made a big batch of the new holiday flavor and it was such a blast. Jessica even asked if I would come back and work in the summers! Umm, yes!? I am in such disbelief sometimes of how blessed I am! At times, it all seems to hit me at once. I am doing something I love every day. Isn’t this the life I’ve always said I wanted?


Today’s breakfast mimicked last night’s dessert. Talk about delicious!  Cookie dough oatmeal… fantastic!

(by the way, this was last night’s adventure:)


Chocolate banana whip with some decadent toppings… 😉

 IMG_1373 IMG_1372

I stopped at the Italian Imports store, Roma and picked up some ingredients for the day, along with torrone candy for my Mom and I. This stuff is so delicious, but unfortunately I haven’t uncovered hers yet!! Ahh!


I had so many peanut butter samples that all I craved for my dinner was a big salad.


This plate of randomness included my beloved spinach and arugula, a tomato, hot sauce, lemon juice, baba ganoche hummus, carrots , warm black beans and some noodles.

Not bad!! I munched fresh pineapple after I was done eating, then for dessert sipped sleepytime and enjoyed a little Newman’s Own Organic Espresso Dark chocolate.


Made just a little better with the help of some Lioness butter! 😛

Well there’s much to do in the lines of AP English, so I better get going. And a gym update: Uhmmmm, yah, I got home at 8:00, so that didn’t happen. Who am I?

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