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Knot-cho mama!

November 6, 2009


Why is this picture so, so awful?! Hmf. I had some vanilla French-toast oats this morning topped with crunchy peanut butter, almond butter and a little vegan fluff. The oats weren’t as flavorful as they usually are, and I’m wondering if I need to go back to two vanilla tea bags.

School was great (I’m going on the senior trip!! Woohoo Disney!) and I came home for lunch.

IMG_1385 IMG_1386 IMG_1387 IMG_1388

Defiantly craving warm things!! I had a grilled sandwich with an egg, tomato, hummus, mustard spinach and arugula. Baby carrots with lioness butter and an amazing mocha cappuccino thanks to my new Krup’s baby!

I went for a good workout today, and did:

  • 20 minutes arm bike
  • 5 minutes stationary bike level 7 (I think maybe I can ease my way into this?)
  • 15 minutes ab work
  • 2 quick sets of 2o leg lifts (70 lb)
  • 45 minute swim, over half was pulling.

Ahh, I puzzle myself sometimes. I really wish I could see improvement in the ankle, but its so very inconsistent. and consistently de-proving. MOVING ON!!!


After my workout I munched one of these Clif bars. Maple Nut, though crazy sweet, is one of my favorites. As one of the forum-ites on Runner’s World put it, “It reminds me of French toast,” and it should with praline pecans, maple syrup and almond butter. My favorite Clif bars of all time are: Chocolate Almond Fudge, Maple Nut, White Chocolate Macadamia, Carrot Cake, and Peanut butter Chocolate Chip.

Well… that’s half their flavors! Haha… I made a deposit at the bank and browsed the Green Grocer for quite awhile, picking up a big thing (?) of raw organic agave nectar. I’m so excited to “bake” with this!


We went to my grandma’s for dinner, and she had fresh garlic knots out of the oven!! My grandma makes fantastic garlic knots, they’re so comforting.IMG_1390

Along with chicken soup… I had another knot and a little more soup. Plus a tangerine!! It’s finally citrus season!!

Tonight will most likely be some dessert… we shall see! I’m feeling a banana whip maybe?

In other news…

Operation Christmas Child is beginning again this year! I can’t wait to grab random things for the shoe boxes. I love giving gifts to people who really, really need them. I encourage everyone to find their local drop-off location and donate some gifts! Hurry, I think we only have until November 18th! 😀

Chocolate-Covered Katie is also doing a fantastic charity project, donating all the proceeds from her blog! Those proceeds come from page views, so click, click, click people!!!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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