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21 Baked Goods to Go

November 8, 2009

I read once it takes 21 days to break an old habit or form a new one. I really like the number 21 and have found this method to actually work. Now it’s time to apply the 21 trick to something I used to enjoy so much, but don’t anymore: baking.

I admit, when I bake treats I don’t limit myself at all in licks from the bowl, or cookies fresh from the oven. Though this is fun, I always feel so sick after I never want to bake again. I really want to fix this!! My challenge for myself is to bake 21 things, over the course of several weeks and not eat batter. Notice I’m not saying taste; some things are necessary to taste at their incomplete state. I’m talking about sitting down with a  bowl and EATING the batter! hahaha

SO. 21 baked goods to go until my habit (of making myself SICK!) should be kicked to the curb!!

Here’s my current list:

1. The Saratoga (Saratoga PB Cookies)

2. Chocolate dipped fudge babies

3. Monkey Bread

4. Almond butter shortbread cookies

5.  Vegan chocolate chip cookies

6. Almond chocolate chip cookies

7. Whole Wheat Bagels

8. Home made crackers

9. Raw Chocolate chip cookies

10. Moist caramelized banana bread

11. Gingerbread girl cookies (with a secret frosting)

12. Chillin’ Chocolate Truffles

13. Vegan Chocolate pie

14. New York Maple sammie cookies

15. Adirondack Jack bars

I know I’ll think of a million more, so this list is subject to SO MUCH CHANGE. I really want to start baking happily again! Repeat after me: I will not make myself sick eating batter and tasting baked goods!!!! 😀

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