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November 8, 2009


Ahh, nothing like waking up at6:00 to take a 5 hour exam. Actually, this is one of my favorite things about life.


I actually have some important test-taking advise for anyone planning on taking the SAT’s or ACT’s. Get a prep book, (I like Princeton Review) and get it used or “like new” from Amazon. Standardized tests are just that: standard. they can’t change from year to year, so there’s no point in spending $30 on a bright shiny book for 2010, when the content of the 2003 book is the SAME for just $5.

The Princeton Review has some very helpful strategies. I took an SAT prep class that boasted “exclusive, undiscovered methods” and the Princeton Review encompassed all those and more. Nothing really helps you more than familiarizing yourself with the exam. If you know the format, the time limits and the amount of questions then you have nothing to worry about. My scores were quite decent the first time with *just* this knowledge.


Late night snack of chocolate almond butter and fig jam 

I actually don’t think I did *horrible* but my essay wasn’t good. I think I made up the word societyl and used it several hundred times.

The societyl values are consistently reflected by…


Meagan’s breakfast of choice! A mauve bowl of cereal with blueberries and bran flakes (massive amounts). The milk was a protein smoothie with a little chocolate Jay and frozen cherries.


I love Amy’s burritos by the way. They’re so amazing!!! Back on topic- a sammie with almond butter, fig jam, apple slices…IMG_1430

Dinner pre-SAT was seaweed salad sushi (brown rice) and a spinach salad with sesame vinaigrette.


Biiiiig honeycrisp!


And for dessert , a heaping bowl of monkey boy granola!!! Recipe to come… sooooon!!  


Pre-test breakfast of champions: cereal mess with chocolate covered espresso beans. This has layers of bran flakes, protein powder cocoa powder, banana and hemp milk. plus some candy 😉

During the test I had a z-bar then a clif bar before the gym. It was a new holiday flavor; quite disappointing!


When I came home I had a flame grilled veggie burger wrap with spinach, hummus, carrots, and hot sauce. There was plenty of pineapple munching also.  

News and More!

Check out this awesome Grass Giveaway… Amazing Grass is AWESOME!

An Apple A Day (awesome review site!) has a blogaversery giveaway, so click click!

Don’t forget about your Chocolate-Covered Clicks of the day!! (Katie’s also doing a fun give-a-way.)

Soon: A new challenge… watch out!!

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