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The Thinkers…

November 17, 2009

v. The Doers. What category do you fall under? I feel some days like a thinker that never actually accomplishes anything, then other days I feel like I jump into every project without pausing to give it a thought. I love those moments when something you’ve been planning and working for actually comes to fruition and you see where all your effort went. I hope that’s what happens once these applications are in!! Nail biting begins…


Breakfast had poor lighting!! It was pumpkin- kabocha oats with almond butter, honey and cinnamon. I really think I add about 1/4 tsp, but something about that  sweet complex flavor makes my morning. I LOVE good honey.

My workout was nice and fulfilling: armbike, abs, legs, stretch, 40 minute delicious swim. How many times am I going to say “I LOVE THE POOL!”?

IMG_1722 IMG_1723

After the gym, I came home starving!!! I devoured a huge cereal mix-up with about 1 cup bran flakes, 2 tbsp vanilla Jay, 1 tbsp cocoa powder, pom seeds, espresso beans, cocoa nibs and pistachios. Almond milk and viola!! IMG_1724

Before dinner I munched some hummus with bread and carrots. I’m not impressed by my latest purchase: Sabra artichoke spinach hummus. I prefer as stronger taste, as this flavor is overpowered by even the meager flavors of carrot.


Because I had so much work to do, dinner was a surprise from my Dad… (who hated me yesterday hahaha… I have such good family)  Brown rice seaweed salad 4 pc and smoked salmon 4 pc.


And now for what happened to that extra chocolate. Meet operation chocolate covered spoons!! Mmmm, I love these and I can’t wait to:

  • Stir my coffee with them
  • Stir my hot cocoa with them
  • Eat cereal off of them
  • Suck on them when I’m bored
  • (That’s what she said)
  • Eat anything and everything spoon-edible with them. Yummy!


The privileged cappuccino that received chocolate covered spoon loving!



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  1. jessi permalink
    November 18, 2009 4:02 am

    hey girl!! i read your blog everyday!! There is a pool in my gym and i want to start using it a little more then i do..what did you start doing first? i swam in highschool but that was about 6 years ago (omg so long ago!! weird..) but i dont remember disliking it so much..Maybe im not focused enough.. anyway, just wanted to say hi 🙂 and to know if you had a routine when you get in the pool thanks girrrllll!!

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