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NuNaturals Stevia

November 19, 2009


It’s review time!! NuNaturals sent me a package a while back and I finally feel prepared to review after sampling everything in different applications.IMG_0831

#1: NuNaturals Baking Blend

NuNaturals stevia baking blend was such a great addition to baked goods. I’ve been able to bake it into many different breads and muffins, and have had fantastic results!


  • This was easy to use and had a great texture
  • The sweetness was about equal to that of sugar, no conversion math
  • The blend contains fiber, so it combats the GI of baked goods in two ways!
  • It’s perfect for desserts you eat at night time, like quick breads, muffins and scones because it’s much easier to sleep when you’re not on a sugar high!
  • Diabetics, dieters, and people who eat WAY too much sugar elsewhere: This is for you!!!


Like most of the NuNatural products, there are very few cons but:

  • The top to my scones didn’t brown as nicely as they do with sugar.
  • One other experiment turned out a little dry. When substituting this stuff, I recommend either making it low sugar/ sugar free OR low fat/ fat free. Unless you’re extremely experienced, the resulting baked good is rather dry if you go for both.

#2: White Stevia Extract

Man, this stuff is potent! It’s probably the sweetest thing you can taste, and leaves you with that sugar overload taste in your mouth for hours!! (That is, if you try a pinky of it like I did… by the way they recommend against that…)

The white stevia extract was really fun to play with. I experimented with it in BIG batches of iced green tea, iced coffee and homemade almond milk. This stuff is great in anything that needs to be sweetened but isn’t baked.

My favorite application was chocolate nut butter. Chocolate spreads typically need a little sweetness, so just a pinch in a huge batch does wonders. The great thing is because you need so little, it never compromises the texture of the nut butter. 😀 Go NuNaturals!!

#3: NuNaturals white stevia powder packets

Yum-um-um!! These packets sweeten anything perfectly. Meet lollipop tea…

Berry tea with NuStevia tastes just like a liquefied lollipop. It works fantastic in:

  • Hot Cocoa
  • Coffee
  • Yogurt
  • On “Pixie Toast” (A sprinkle of cinnamon stevia on toast with a little butter or coconut oil)

Anytime you would normally reach for a packet of sugar, these are a superior natural substitute.

Now meet my favorite products:

NuNaturals liquid Vanilla Stevia and Cocoa Bean Extract!

Review #4 and #5…

Here’s what they say about the vanilla: This is a truly amazing product. If you love NuNaturals Stevia, this is a product that you must try. This is not merely a Vanilla flavored Stevia liquid like so many others on the market. This is a true Vanilla extract made from premium bean that produces a product with incomparable taste. Once you have add this to your tea or coffee, yogurt, or lemonade, you will not know how you lived without it

IMG_1727  IMG_1108 IMG_1564 


The Stevia Extract are so delicious in almost everything… Pictured are some of my favorite beverages…

  • Mocha cappuccinos made with cocoa bean NuStevia
  • Vanilla Maple with Vanilla Stevia
  • Design-a-Tea with Vanilla
  • English Toffee tea, cocoa bean NuStevia and cocoa powder, creamed with a little almond milk
  • Vanilla Roobios tea mixed with vanilla Maple tea sweetened with vanilla…
  • My favorite as of lately: Vanilla Roobios with 1/4 dropper of vanilla and 1/4 dropper of cocoa bean.

The cocoa extract puzzles me a bit. It tastes fantastic without anything else (yes, I tasted just the extract), but when added to beverages it doesn’t seem to sweeten it nearly as much as vanilla. It does provide a deeper, richer flavor than the original. It’s fantastic mixed with the vanilla.

I don’t like things too sweet, so just 1/3-1/2 a dropper of either is enough for a big mug of tea or coffee. These bottles will last me a while but as soon as I run out, I will be running back to the website to order more!

Overall (all products): thumbup2

Thumbs way up!! I’ve never detected an aftertaste and it isn’t at all bitter. Stevia is new so it’s a hit or miss right now. This was a hit!!

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  1. November 19, 2009 1:42 am

    I love the vanilla extract 🙂

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