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Sweating out a bad evening.

November 21, 2009

Ohh wow, last night was not a fun night. I apologize for the completely pointless post, and I was totally kidding about crying. All joking aside, I did have a pretty horrible night… It was one of those days where you let everything build up and keep a smile on, then once you’re around the people you care about most you explode.

Anyone else have those days? Haha probably not…

Anyway, it began with locking my keys in my car which was super embarrassing but slightly humorous at the same time. 😛 I have a sick sense of humor. But then, after waiting two hours for my mom to bail me out (thanks Mommy!!! You’re my HERO!!) I came home to a broken camera. Le sigh.


So today was much much better!!! I started the day with a big bowl of kabocha oats, and things just got better from there. I found an abandoned computer room to hang out in all day (aka study halls) and got another college essay and a lot of reading done. All my classes went well, and at the end of the day Peanut Butter Internship was canceled so I went home.

I hadn’t planned a workout, but all my playmates (haha aka Janine, Steph, Bill, and Mo) were busy. My dad encouraged me to go to the gym and I’m so glad I did. Ahhh, 45 minutes of swimming later and I’m defiantly renewed. Corny alert: Every time I exhale in the pool, I feel like I’m breathing out my stress. I’m so glad I discovered swimming. It may not be the same as running, but it keeps me sane and someday I know I’ll be able do both. 🙂

Workouts this week were:

Sunday: 1 hr swim

Monday: 20 min arm bike, legs, abs, 40 min swim

Tuesday: Dr.’s appt until late. Ugg waiting in offices is such a pain!

Wednesday: 20 min arm bike, abs, glutes, 30 min swim

Thursday: 20 min arm bike, a little bit of legs, 30 min swim

Friday: 45 min fast swim


Midmorning snack: orange

This week has been particularly busy because I need all my applications OUT by the first.


For lunch I tried an Amy’s soup: Lentil Vegetable. It was good, but a little bland. I think if I had access to some hot sauce I would think differently! 😉 IMG_1759IMG_1755

Mmm and a partially hydrogenated animal cracker. These remind me so much of my grandma’s house!   IMG_1760

Braeburn apples… they’re on the favorite list. Firm flesh with a mild apple flavor. Pretty low oxidation and pretty thin skin. IMG_1761 IMG_1764

When I got home from the gym today I had a cereal mess disaster with bran flakes, tons of cocoa powder, a little protein powder, some organic coffee beans, kabocha squash, 1/2 a banana and almond milk. Ohh my! IMG_1767IMG_1765  

I stopped at the Green Grocer on my way home and picked up some Mary’s Gone products. I used to eat these when I wasn’t allowed wheat (aka elimination diet…) and realized how much I liked them. The sticks & twigs are something my parents would make fun of me for eating: they actually look like tree twigs. BUT they taste much, much better!! The chipotle tomato flavor was fun and a little spicy. I really enjoyed it!! The health benefits are undeniable:

  • 550 mg. of Omega-3s
  • Made with just organic grains and seeds, no added oils
  • 4 grams of fiber and protein, better than any other pretzel stick! (I know… I’ve tried them all! 🙂 )
  • Chock full of super foods: amaranth, quinoa, chia, flax, millet sesame
  • Allergy-friendly!

<h3>Sticks and Twigs - Chipotle Tomato</h3>

So, so good dipped in hummus. Mary’s Gone Sticks and Twigs, Chipotle Tomato= win!


French Vanilla and Madagascar Vanilla teaIMG_1768 

Hmm… This purchase became something completely delicious:

IMG_1770 IMG_1771

Brazilian Chocolate Butter

I was deprived from nut butter making today because Saratoga Peanut was cancelled… So I took matters into my own hands! 😛

IMG_1772 IMG_1773

I went out to dinner with M, D, Joe and Billy O. I had a whole bunch of salad and a pizza crust… My appetite was a little suppressed after my nut butter excursion. 😉

Nutrition I think lately I haven’t been eating enough protein. After some research I kind’ve adopted the “Why the * do I need protein anyway? I’m not an athlete anymore!” attitude. Everyone needs protein, especially to heal from injury! Since the end to meat eating, protein has been from soy, seafood/fish, eggs, protein powder, and legumes/nuts. I would love to get all of my nutrients from real food,  but sometimes it’s just not practical. I’m awaiting my huge Jay Robb purchase (big chocolate and vanilla brown rice powders!)

I start my day with French toast oats almost every morning, made with about 1/3 cup carton egg white… 8.5 g

Lunch typically involves soup or salad with beans, 11-14 g

Snack depends on the day but ranges from 5-15 g

Dinner also is dependent on the day… typically 10-18 g

If I’m on the low side it isn’t really enough to build muscle working out, and some days I realize I’ve had toast with nut butter for breakfast, veggie soup for lunch, grains for snack and squash for dinner. Approximately: NOT ENOUGH!!

My goal is going to be 45 grams a day for a couple weeks! We’ll see how that goes…

Well I’m probably off to have a bite for dessert… Most likely a truffle or two!


Camera update: the flash is broken, the sensor won’t turn it on and the button to manually turn it on and off doesn’t respond. The white balance is also broken, so It needs to be perfect lighting or my photos either come out black or white. Le sigh…

Time to drown my sorrows in chocolate!!

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