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Thanksgiving Recap and December News!

December 2, 2009

Sheee’s back!! No, my applications aren’t all in yet. I’m in the final revising process but like I mentioned in this post I’ve had a hard time overcoming writer’s block. I think getting back to my regular routine may stir up some creative juices…


How was everyone’s Thanksgivings?

Here was mine:

We went to my Grandma’s house (as we always do) and it was a great time. I love my family!!


Homemade soup is so comforting…IMG_1885

The delicious spread: peas, rolls, mashed potatoes, rutebega, Grandma’s famous holiday Jell-o, stuffing, bourbon mashed sweet potatoes, the bird, homemade cranberry sauce and corn!IMG_1879 

SOO addicting!IMG_1887

My plate-I ate everything but the turkey…Still can’t do it!IMG_1883

My brother feasting…


Dessert was wayy too much of this pie!! 😉

IMG_1871  IMG_1904

Squash oats have been on the menu sooo often… and most of the time with “Catch Me” Peanut Butter! Mmm its spicy and sweet and warm all at the same time.


I bought some new toys!!!


Protein and ice banana whip with guar and xanthen gum…IMG_1915

Smoothie in a bowl (very blueberry!) topped with pom seeds, flax and a peanut butter spoon. (and the gums)


Yummmm. Creamy and filling kabocha chocolate whip… (I froze roasted kabocha chunks and whipped them in the food pro with 2 tbsp frozen nasoya silken creations chocolate, cocoa powder, 1 tbsp Jay Robb Brown rice a little instant decaf coffee, guar+xanthen gum, then a little almond milk.) The kabocha almost tastes like peanut butter when whipped- It works surprisingly well with chocolate!!

I got my new protein powder: Jay Robb Brown rice in chocolate and vanilla.

My review: The protein powder has a sweet and light flavor, but isn’t as indulgent as the egg white protein. It was a little more dusty tasting with a slight aftertaste.  Egg white is creamier but doesn’t perform neat tricks like protein powder oatmeal!

Egg White Protein:

  • Creamy and delightful
  • Great for smoothies, ice cream, banana whip and anything cold
  • Seizes up and forms a disgusting rubber ball when applied to heat.

Brown Rice Protein:

  • Nice flavor
  • A little “dustier,” or “grittier”
  • More of an aftertaste
  • Fun in warm things like oatmeal, warm cocoa “zabaglione,” etc!

November 30th was a KICK BUTT workout of 20 min arm bike, 3 sets of 20 quad machines, 60 lb (x2), Glutes 12 lb frees (set of 30each leg)

Pool: Swim 15 min warm up, 3 min with pulling block, 5 laps in 4:30, 3 minute pulling block, 5 laps in 4:10, 3 laps pulling 3 crawl, 5 laps in 4:10, 5 free stroke cool down, a few breast stroke.

Then this for dinner:


Rainbow trout in marinara & capers over spinach, arugula, brown rice and tomatoes.

Today was:


Kabocha oats with 1/4 c. egg whites and 2 tbsp vanilla Jay Robb, 2 tbsp walnuts, apple crisp jam and “Catch Me” peanut butter! IMG_1927

Lunch felt wholesome and comforting: a sweet papa, salad with vinaigrette (sesame oil, red wine vinegar, Dijon) Roman beans and tomato and an Ambrosia apple to finish it off!!

I had a 100 cal pack of almonds before hitting the gym for a 65 minute swim… ‘twas nice!


Chocolate Covered Katie is giving away “Oh my GAWD!” Artisana products… I’ve never had the financial opportunity to try these but I’d imagine they’re AMAZING!

Exciting December Posts Planned:

A Vegan Holiday Dinner Spread (plus vegan items to bring to a potluck so you can eat too!)

Ready, Set Bake: 5 cookie varieties in less than an hour, can she do it?

Homemade Christmas Gifts, Part one

Homemade Christmas Gifts, Part two

Pay It forward: Homemade Recycled Christmas Gifts, Part three

Saratoga Peanut Butter Recipes


I’m so excited to get back to blogging… will ya’ll take me back?

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  1. December 2, 2009 11:07 pm

    Welcome back! Great Thanksgiving. I love how you think of guar and xanthan gum as “toys”(I totally would too)

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