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Breakfast by the fire

December 15, 2009

1smoothieboy Bright and early I skipped downstairs to make the smoothie boy his shake.


This is version 3.o with the inclusion of flax. He had no idea! ;-)   IMG_2165

With the blender messy and time running low, I decided to just make a smoothie in a bowl for myself. Mine included:

I promptly took my bowl upstairs and ate in in front of the fire space heater. Our house goes down to 62 at night, which isn’t crazy cold  compared to those who have no heat at all, but it’s SO hard to get motivated to get ready!

Do you now see why breakfast is almost every morning oats?! I love New York.

I always find it difficult to sleep on Sunday nights so I came home for lunch between classes and took a quick nap.


Lunch was comfort food: Amy’s Vegetable Barley Soup, Chipotle Salsa by Cedar’s, a toasted whole wheat pita, vanilla tea and a cup of grapes.

As “croutons” in my soup, I put in several of these nuts:

5Review Sahale Snacks Soledad Almonds


These are sweet, spicy and smoky. I love the flavor they have on their own and are delicious in soup or salads. They add such a complex “crunch factor”… You only need a few!

I went back to school for French and brought Janine (Jenna) some Saratoga cookies from the other night. She’s had an ear infection in both ears for a full week and she still doesn’t feel better. Poor thing!!!


After class I hit the bank, then the gym.

3workout My workout included:

  • 20 min stationary bike
  • 15 minues abs (including 2 minutes of each plank)
  • a few weighted lunges (30 with 8 lb?)
  • 20 quad pulls with 60 lb
  • 45 minute swim


I came home hungry for a cereal disaster. I call them disasters because Kath, Jenna and other bloggers make “yogurt messes”:

… compare their pretty yogurt bowls to this bowl of craziness and you’ll see why mine is a disaster. 😛

  • Puffins
  • Kabocha squash
  • 1/2 scoop Jay Robb Chocolate Rice protein
  • Cocoa Powder
  • The best nut butter in the world 😉 (you’ll find out soon what was on this spoon!)



Dinner was early and not at all pretty… what is up with my ugly food lately!!??

I sautéed some mushrooms and a yellow pepper until they were soft and caramelized, then added a splash of sherry, arrowroot powder mixed with Dijon mustard and water, and hot red pepper flakes. Once it was thick and bubbly, I poured it over a veggie burger on top of a sandwich thin! THEN topped all that with Garlic Artichoke salsa… Whew!

This was SO filling. I didn’t realize how full I was until after my bite of dessert:  IMG_2178

1/2 a “Saratoga”


I won a giveaway!!! What??! I never win things! This girl is so sweet!! 🙂

Check out my new About page… I thought it was time for a make over!

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  1. December 15, 2009 4:19 pm

    You are too cool Mae.
    I still am not brave enough for these green smoothies type things – but nice to look at 🙂
    I relate to your “About” story…very much…have not run now for over a year. I am a walker 🙂 and a walker alone.
    I lost a lot of weight also, a multitude of things, but only marginally anything related to anything ED-wise…I think I confuse people at times cause I encourage the girls and have similar feelings as the girls who are now struggling with those issues….and I am not really in the same situation at all (not an ED person). But I think we can all relate to a certain degree with things in funny ways.
    Any way, adore your blog 🙂

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