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Ou vous sont Noel?

December 20, 2009
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Oh… you’re just 6 days away!!

Eeek!! I have so, so much work to do before le grand jour… I just can’t wait to see this beautiful bundle of joy again:


The living fudge baby.

This morning I was up bright and early for work, and because Smoothie Boy doesn’t rise until 1:00 pm on Saturday, there was not breakfast shake to be had.


I had pumpkin oats with protein powder, almond butter and honey…

The Farmer’s Market was pretty busy today… I think it went well!! We sold out of 8 oz sampler packs in… um… 2 minutes!? Haha… but it was actually very good, I met some new friends (my table neighbors!) and we talked about college and food science.

Though I snacked on an apple & power fudge baby at the work, I came home famished at 3:30. I then proceed to devour the following:


Sprouted grain bread, flame grilled veggie burger, tomatoe paste, hot sauce, spinach and mustard.


Cereal disaster with protein powder, Amazing grass and puffins…


Y dos ‘tines! Mmmm, these are so good right now!

Tomorrow we have our annual Italian Christmas Party. My mom’s side is entirely Italian, and we see all of our distance relatives on my Papa’s side.

Let the holiday baking commence.


Sicilian Semolina Piattos… I defiantly ate more than one of these suckers… They’re chewy and crispy, crunchy and sweet… most importantly buttery!

(Shh… I created a recipe adapted from ANZAC cookies… don’t tell my Italian family!)


Money got way too excited when these came out of the oven: IMG_2305 IMG_2309

Chocolate chip, my way.

I made sweet buttons too, and will take photos tomorrow. (That dough did me in! Whew… I forgot how delicious real vanilla cookie dough is!)

After a dinner of cookies, cookie dough and a little pumpkin lentil curry, I did a quick 15 minute ab workout from Exercise on Demand. I followed it with Yoga for beginners (because I am the epitome of beginner!!!)

Well I’m whipped and I have to be out early to start work on our documentary. ‘Nite all!!

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  1. December 20, 2009 2:09 pm

    Wow, incredible baker!
    You are a hard-worker girl…do you have a crazy schedule with work?
    Lovely pics and have a sweet day 🙂

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