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2009 is winding down…

December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!!!

I started my day with something “traditional”


Panettone Oats. I used to have toasted panettone on Christmas Eve for breakfast, but this year I transformed it into a bowl of warm yummyness!

For the oats, I used a pack of orange spice tea and eggnog tea with my usual oat bran. I  added raisins and dried cherries, then whipped in applesauce and egg whites.

I topped it with more raisins, a little orange zest, toasted pecans and Macarona almonds, orange marmalade and a pad of smart balance butter.

It tasted just like it! 😀

Ugh, as I prepared the actual panettone bread pudding, I couldn’t resist snacking on it in all its dairy laden glory. I felt a little nauseous after and my throat still feels a little tight. Oh well, it was delicious! 🙂

(For the record, when casein slips into my diet my stomach feels like squirrels are fighting inside of it, I get nauseous and my throat tightens up.)


While I take a break from cleaning, I feel its necessary to acknowledge the year that’s coming to a close… very soon.

Looking back to 2009:

December 2008

  • PR in the 2 mile
  • School record in the 2 mile, 4×800, DMR
  • Up mileage to 30-40/week


  • First time I noticed something was “off” with my ankle.
  • Start a blog: “Ohh May”
  • Start Physical therapy


  • End indoor season on a sour note
  • Take my first week off since the summer


  • Placed third in the Chemistry regional Olympiad


  • Went to NYC with Art Club
  • April 17th, went for my last 3 mile “shake out run.”
  • April 18th, blow out my ankle, crutches for 6 weeks
  • Chemistry Olympiad national competition


  • Published Ohh May
  • Start pool-running and swimming
  • Bike every day. (I worked out every. day!)
  • Took AP Chem exam
  • Failed road test.


  • Take finals, did great in college classes!! 🙂
  • Started working every day at Price Chopper
  • Visited NC State!!! Wooooo!
  • Got my license. 😀 FREEDOM!


  • Boston vacation with my best, Mo
  • Ankle still not healing, put in a cast for 5 weeks
  • Become an arm-bike champ! 😛
  • Babysitting job+ Price Chopper= work every day


  • Turn 17, get NEW camera! 😀
  • Get my cast off, find out it did NOTHING
  • Apply to Clemson!



  • Began to get really into swimming
  • Craig’s List espresso maker!!


  • Re-think surgery, decide to try alternative methods for now.
  • Developed “Catch Me If You Can” gingerbread peanut butter
  • Apply to colleges: Penn State, Cal Polytech
  • Thanksgiving!


  • New cousin!!!
  • “Catch Me” available online and at markets
  • Apply to Cornell
  • Got accepted to Penn State!!!

2009 was basically a 360 degree transformation for me. From a committed and successful runner to not being able to walk a mile on my ankle. From working random jobs to a really fun, steady Peanut Butter job! It has been really tough and I still have trouble thinking about February-May. These were some of the most difficult months I’ve faced, between my stomach, ankle, track, stress, physical therapy, work and a hard time at my house.

The good news of 2009? I applied & started getting accepted to colleges!! I actually accomplished something with Peanut Butter! I learned to swim! My stomach went from IBS so bad I couldn’t leave my house at least one day a week, to barely ever acting up! I’ve gotten a lot better at cooking! I became (mostly) vegetarian… Woah.


Tonight I’m heading to church with the family and then going to my Grandma Pauline’s for dinner, dessert and presents with my dad’s side of the family. There will be a new baby to play with so I’m very excited!

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  1. December 24, 2009 6:10 pm

    Merry Christmas 🙂

  2. December 24, 2009 6:43 pm

    Wow, Mae.
    Your recounting of what you have accomplished…its amazing…and eye-opening to all the time I waste 🙂
    You have so much “acceptance” in your life and I respect that.
    I need that.
    I only walk…so its difficult to cope…maybe way down the road something more might be possible…running will likely never be possible again…not sure…not the same anyway…
    you are great Mae…have a very merry christmas.


  1. I get my way! « Ohh May…

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