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I get my way!

December 27, 2009

After breakfast and a quick apple, I headed to the gym for a good sweat. Here’s the thing: I don’t like other people that much, and I don’t like other people looking at me while I work out. I have no motivation to go upstairs and do weights, but I do love the pool where I feel absolutely alone and at peace…

So to the pool I went and did an hour workout with 3 built-in 5 lap sprints (250m) and 1 3 lap (150m) sprint. Now I feel better!

I defiantly got my way– We had California Michael, Aunt Di, Uncle Ray, Anthony, Maggie, Dave and Kelly up for dinner. We compromised on the food end though and decided to do just appetizers.


Maggie, the best cousin ever!!

I attempted brown rice sushi… I used the new rice cooker I got for Christmas (and my future dorm room 😉 ) and mixed roasted garlic rice wine vinegar, sugar, and salt for the sticky solution.


I rinsed 1 c. rice then cooked it for 40 minutes in 11 oz water. I left it on warm for ten more minutes then used the spreading technique in a ceramic bowl while adding the vinegar slurry. It came out perfect!!

The fillings were scallion, shrimp,  avocado, and the occasional pepper.




I also made a warm spinach artichoke dip with homemade pita chips and a homemade Pico de Gallo with homemade tortilla chips. Yay!


The Pico.

Because I covered Christmas Eve and Christmas dessert, we had two cheesecakes others brought go uneaten so those were served tonight. There were more cookies and white Russians!



My skinny daddy and I… WEIRD photo of me!! 



I can’t wait to finish my English book so I can dive into What Einstein Told His Cook. I read it once before and really enjoyed it! Can’t wait!


Click here for my 12/26 food log

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  1. December 27, 2009 12:55 pm

    Hi, Mae! Thank you for your beautiful comment! Yes, I think the goal overall is to show gratitude for what you can do, which leaves you with much more positive energy. I think it has kept me alive, literally. You look beautiful! Sending prayers for love, happiness, and HEALING! xoxoxo

  2. December 27, 2009 1:43 pm

    Great pics Mae.
    You are an all-star! I can’t swim to save my life.
    Creative eats also.


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