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The big ‘10

December 31, 2009

In T-1 day 2009 is fini.I am not at all big on New Years resolutions, I think they’re meant to be broken. That being said, I’ve always had enough goals and motivation to not need them. This year without running, I’ve found it hard to remain goal-oriented and motivated.

So 2010 is the year to rediscover goals. I believe everything is a pendulum and at one side is super motivated, the other side is not at all and the middle is reasonably motivated. In the past month or so I feel like I’ve been in the “not at all category”. According to my theory I don’t expect to become my old self right away… I know it’s a process. Baby steps!

Fitness: track, cross country, and indoor have always pushed me to workout and stay healthy every day. Without it, I don’t have anything I’m “training” for. I can still swim, mildly bike, arm bike, and strength train. I should be taking full advantage of the things I can do but instead I can’t get my butt to the gym.

Another deterring factor is the distance of the gym and the price of my gas. While saving up for school, a truck that gets 10 mpg and a gym 30 minutes away doesn’t bode well to motivate me.

Here are my solutions:

1. A local high school is opening up their pool to open swim a few days a week. It’s only 10 minutes away and I will surely be taking full advantage of that!!

2. When I don’t go to the gym, I have space and time to workout at my own house- even if it’s 20 minutes of ab work. I think I will start a “Whittle my middle” challenge to just get in the habit of working out at home.

3. A few days a week, I will still go to the gym. Those will be the days that I need to go to Clifton for other things (groceries, the health food store, the mall 😉 )

4. I need to set vivid and realistic goals. I don’t know much about swimming, so it’s a little difficult for me to know where I’m going with this. I think I would like to:

  • Swim a mile in less than 32 minutes
  • Swim a mile in less than 30 minutes
  • Bring my 250m time down to 4:30
  • Bring my 150m time down to 2:30
  • Learn to breaststroke
  • Learn to backstroke
  • Learn to flip turn

And- ultimately:

  • Become a certified lifeguard! I figure this can always come in handy, and it’s a nice goal to have.

As far as other fitness goes, I would like to:

  • Define my abs to where they were
  • Strengthen my legs and calves so when I heal I’ll be ready to walk again
  • Improve my flexibility and possibly begin (mild) yoga!

Nutrition: After the injury I gained about 10 (much needed!) pounds over the course of 7 months. Before I was, in my own opinion, way too thin. Now I love how I look, but without the pressures of competition I’m not as concerned about vitamins, minerals, protein, etc.

I wasn’t an “intuitive” eater for most of my running career- I lost weight with IBS then began to count calories to gain it back. I finally was able to give up calorie counting after four years and I love the freedom I give myself now. However, I would like to stop mindless eating and snacking when I’m not  hungry.

My plan is:

  • Occupy my mouth with 16 oz water when I’m getting that boredom-hunger feeling.
  • Get out of the kitchen when I’m miserable and in the “mood” to eat everything in sight.
  • Take a vitamin and calcium every day

Health: When second class hits and my ankle reminds me I forgot to take celebrex, I have a bit of a freak-out. Right now I’m not in condition to work without NSAIDs but in the next year I want to be off of pain killers completely.

I’ve never been the pill-popping type, and I don’t want to be that person my whole life. I have faith 2010 will bring healing, and with that the abandonment of pain killers.

Sleep hasn’t been a priority since- umm… forever. With rest, your body has a chance to renew itself and in that heal so making sleep a priority is an important goal.

Family: I think I’ll make it out of the house alive as long as I don’t rack up the truck. No matter how angry my parents get, I don’t think anything would be worse than their anger if I got into an accident. In the words of my father: “Anything that happens to this truck is your fault. I don’t care about the circumstance- it’s your own responsibility and your own fault.”

School: The second half of the year brings less pressure, but more classes. I’ll be taking:

  • AP English
  • Physics/Physics Lab
  • Government
  • Uni Spanish
  • French
  • CEIP

My academic goals are to become fully immersed in French and Spanish and score a 90 on the French regents a year early. I want college credit for English and my goal for the exam is a 5.

  • Score a 5 on the AP English Exam
  • Score a 90 on the French Regents
  • Don’t catch SENIORITIS!

Finance: Fun fact- Penn State is $35,000 a year. Most of the schools I applied to are out of state with large tuitions. My goal is to, before May, apply for at least 12 scholarships. I’m not very good at winning those but at least I could put forth the effort!

The money I save now is my only spending money until I graduate college, especially if I intern or go to school during the summer semesters. Before June I want to put away another $1500 toward my savings, which for me means not spending a dime until then.

  • Apply to 12 scholarships
  • Save $1500

College: I want to make the right decision for the right reason. I know I’ll be happy anywhere I go, but sometimes it’s not in a name or a dollar amount.

Blog: I hope to incorporate more reviews in the coming year and separate recipes and concoctions into two categories, one being for actual recipes and one for everyday formulas I use- oats, protein oats, kabocha whip, almond cappuccinos, etc. I would like to add a section for research and food science experiments too!

I want to make my own theme that’s creative and user-friendly and finally I would like to make the transition to

Peanut Butter: I want these last months I’m home to be filled with hard work for Saratoga Peanut Butter. I would love to work really hard on the website and help Jessica as much as I can. I think we have some really great things planned for 2010! 😉


  • Set aside more time to not be “busy” and just be with God.
  • Enjoy my senior year- The Disney Vacation, Prom, Committing to a school, etc.
  • Make up random holidays and treat people when they least expect it
  • Keep up 90% positive thinking. Turn each negative thought around
  • Spend time with my Grandmothers and family before I go
  • Don’t be too busy for friends
  • Be kind- Everyone is fighting their own war the best they can.


So here are the final 10 in 2010:

  1. Enroll in College
  2. Become a certified lifeguard
  3. Save $1500 toward school
  4. Apply to 12 scholarships
  5. Score a 5 on the AP English exam and a 90 on the French Regents
  6. End my first semester of Uni with a 4.0
  7. Discontinue use of pain killers
  8. Revamp the blog
  9. Improve intuitive eating/evade the freshman 15!
  10. . Spend more time with God and the people I love

For comparison, last years goals were:

  • Break 11 minutes in the 2 mile (close. and then injury.)
  • Apply to 4 colleges (I applied to 5! :-P)
  • Score a 5 on the AP Chem exam (Ugg. I was disappointed in this.)
  • Score a 1350 on the (reading+math) SAT’s (Close- I’m not sure if I should re-take?)

There you have it. My resolutions!

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  1. traynharder23 permalink
    December 31, 2009 5:55 am

    good luck on the ap english. is the language one or the literature one you’re taking?

    i only took ap english language. i loved that class. =D

  2. December 31, 2009 6:01 am

    Wishing you the best of luck, love, and happiness xoxo

  3. December 31, 2009 9:15 am

    You are amazing Mae. I read your blog everyday and am never disapointed, no matter what. I think your goals are wonderful…I hope some day I can achieve even a smidgen of that amount of exercise again…i think you are so smart for such a young gal.

  4. Jenna Quick permalink
    December 31, 2009 11:15 am

    You’re awesome and super smart, so don’t stress about not getting scholarships. You definitely will. If not from the school itself, then from wherever else you apply.
    Same goes for the tests. You work your butt off and I know you can do it.
    I definitely am finding myself with some of the same goals you have (friends, family, God, no Senioritis — which I have already sunken into.)
    We just have to enjoy the little time we have left before college and not let the weight of the world hold us down. It’ll be hard, but we can do it. 🙂
    Good luck with everything. I know you can do it.


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