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Happy Birthday Horses!

January 1, 2010


This morning I woke up (lazy and late, as has become the case these last 5 days!!) and made a smoothie in a bowl!

When I finished that I was still hungry, so I tapped into my latest nut butter: Nuit forêt Almond Walnut Butter


I came up with a new nut butter method that’s producing very smooth results!! 😛 Yummmm…

This is a dark roast almond walnut butter with chunks of raw almonds. I love the contrast between the rich roasted almonds and sweet raw. It’s really nice!!

I’ll tell you one thing, working at a peanut butter factory has defiantly taught me the art of nut butter. There’s a specific science to creating the perfect texture, and you can predict the creaminess and viscosity with things like saturated fat and insoluble fiber. I can’t elaborate too much, or I’d have to kill you!! 😉

FYI. My baby is in the shop, so right now I’m using a point-and-shoot. (that doesn’t belong to me!)


Lifeguard training: I asked the pool director at the Y about a Lifeguard course and she said the next one begins in April. I put my name on the wait list and I’m one step closer to my goal! After some online research, I found:

“In NY, the minimum times are to swim 50 yards in under 40 seconds and swim 200 yards in under 3 min 45 sec. Check your local American Red Cross website to see the times needed to swim in order to lifeguard in that state.”


I have until April to bring my 50 yd time down to 40 seconds. (I don’t think I’ve ever timed this before…) and my 200m (4 lap) time is 3:45, so I just need to solidify it. Which won’t happen today because it’s pouring snow and my dad doesn’t want me on the roads. ugg.

Yesterday I did some yoga to stretch my gluuuuutes from backstroke on Tuesday!! Today will probably be more yoga, maybe some pushups and core work if I can gather the motivation!


It’s New Years Eve! Happy Birthday to all the race horses out there!!!

Day at The Track (31)

[It’s true!] This photo is from 3 years ago! My cousin’s horse, Money Oriented (God rest her soul!) had just come in second at Saratoga. 😀 Anyone else love horse racing? (P.S. Though they’re worked hard, the horses are so not abused! Money got a manicure and pedicure twice a week and ate risotto the night before races! :-P)

Tonight should be fun… hopefully not too interesting. 😛

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  1. January 1, 2010 4:23 am

    I cannot believe all the nut butter creations you have! I eat so much nut butter and nuts , its ridiculous!
    Cute horse. And wow, on the swimming. Amazing. Have a restful NYE…or fun or both…just enjoy it 🙂


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