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Corn Starch

January 9, 2010

You may have noticed a new tab on my blog titled “Kitchen Staples”. This is a list of ingredients that I really like to have on hand for cooking. I’m going to incorporate some focus posts on specific ingredients and then link them to this list, creating a directory. These posts will involve a little more science than my typical posts.


I’ve contemplated incorporating more science into the blog for a long time, but have decided against it for a few reasons. 1.) I didn’t think people would enjoy reading and 2.) I was afraid I would get something wrong and give people false information.

You know what? Fear is the largest source of failure. I’m taking a chance and adding more science to Ohh May. If I do get something wrong, feel free to correct me but I’ve done a lot of research to write these posts and I’m not pulling stuff from thin air. I have just as strong a passion for science as I do for food so I hope I can share some of this with the blog world. Enjoy! 🙂



Corn starch is a staple in my kitchen! It’s an inexpensive, reliable thickener that I’ve grown up using. When its powers are harnessed correctly, it can have beautiful results. Two of the most important ways I use corn starch are in pan sauces and in baking (specifically cake or cupcakes.)

Here are two mini-articles I wrote about using of corn starch in pan sauce and as a component of cake flour. I hope you enjoy them!

Corn Starch in Pan Sauces

Corn Starch in Cake Flour

Consider always having this ingredient on hand. It appears many times in my recipes giving body to everything from soups to stews to hot cocoa (Italian Style) .



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  1. January 9, 2010 8:50 pm

    Hey, its your blog and its terrific – people like all sorts of stuff 🙂
    I like how you post everyday…i plan to do that …i want to…but sometimes I feel i might post something fuelled by my emotions, so i try to stay away from it…oh well, cant all be perfect 🙂
    have a neat morning mae.

  2. January 9, 2010 10:42 pm

    I like the new post idea!! I don’t think I’ve ever used corn starch.


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