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Homemade Cacao Bliss

March 13, 2010



I tried to re-create cocoa bliss once before, and the results weren’t very Artisana-like but I am still obsessed with Cacao Euphoria! It’s the bomb as a pancake topping, coffee add-in, cupcake frosting, or off a spoon.

BUT it doesn’t have that silky feel of melted cacao bliss. Euphoria is great in it’s own way, and after seeing Heather make coconut butter, I knew it was time to make cacao bliss.

So, by the way, Heather is my favorite human in the world! Seriously, homemade coconut butter?! Amazing!!! 😀 😀

This actually had the same flavor and texture of the Artisana.



I bought bulk, unsweetened dried coconut at my health food store. I used about $2 worth of coconut, half a pound.


Start by grinding the coconut in the blender, pushing it down as needed until it looses some volume and begins to form a paste. Every minute or so, increase the speed by one interval.

The warmer the coconut gets, the more fluid the butter becomes. I worked it for 10 full minutes to get a smooth texture.

A note about nut butters in the blender: small, sharp, quick blades=smooth and creamy nut butter. My blender does a wonderful job, and it was only $45!


Then it was time for the chocolate. I un-rawed the recipe by using Baker’s Unsweetened Chocolate because it’s wonderful!



The color contrast in the blender is amazing!! I wanted to hop in. :-) 

Blend for 5 more minutes, then allow to cool down for 5 more minutes. Add 1.5 tsp raw agave nectar and 1/4 tsp salt. Turn the blender on one more time for one minute.


This allows the coconut butter to slightly solidify so any “grittiness” can work out.

homemade chocolate coconut butter


Cacao Bliss

  • 1/2 lb unsweetened dried coconut flakes
  • 1.5 oz unsweetened chocolate
  • 1.5 tsp raw agave nectar
  • 1/4 tsp salt

Blend the coconut flakes for 10 minutes, working the coconut down every time it climbs the sides. Add the chocolate and blend for 5 more minutes.

Let the mixture cool for 5 minutes, add in the agave and salt and blend for an additional minute.


For coconut Q+A, visit Heather Eats Almond Butter and for the original coconut butter, click here. 🙂

The verdict: they taste the same!!! Flavor, texture, sweetness.


I received the BEST. PACKAGE. EVER. from Jessica of Healthy Exposures!


Sugar Cookie Tea is my new obsession, and I LOVED the honey! It’s Vermont Blackberry Honey Crème and it tastes amazing! I can’t wait to spread it on everything. It was so delicious in sugar cookie tea! 😉


Jessica, I can’t wait to get your package out! 😉


Ready for the weekend!?

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  1. March 13, 2010 9:49 am

    Your cacao bliss looks so heavenly! When I win the lottery, I’m hiring both you and HEAB to come cook for me!! 😉

  2. March 13, 2010 9:59 am

    Yay – So glad you liked it!! And I did the same thing – the honey in the tea! haha…great minds think alike 😉
    And as always – great post!

  3. March 13, 2010 10:24 am

    Ready for the weekend?!? I’m ready to dive into that chocolate filled coconut! So excited that you made this without a food processor or a Vita-Mix. I didn’t think it could be done, and just so you know, you’re MY favorite human in the world right now. Shh, don’t tell CD. 😉

  4. March 13, 2010 10:47 am

    I have wanted to try Cocoa Bliss for so long, but can’t find it anywhere and haven’t got around to ordering it. I can’t wait to try this girl!!!

  5. March 13, 2010 11:10 am

    okayyy soo you DEF need to come to clemson now so u can make this for me! yay!

  6. March 13, 2010 12:00 pm

    May, I’m pretty much drooling on your keyboard. Did you really put the cacao butter in the coconut. Amazing. Simply Awesome. I wonder why chocolate and coconut are so good together? Or chocolate and peanut butter?

  7. March 13, 2010 1:08 pm

    I need to pick up bulk coconut asap! Before Heather’s post, there had been a ton of coconut butter meals floating around recently which got me craving coconut butter, so (naturally) I made a special trip to buy some last week. But it’s so much more fun (and cheaper) to make it yourself!

  8. March 13, 2010 7:29 pm

    Such a great idea! I tried coconut butter for the first time yesterday, and I’m absolutely hooked. It’s so expensive though, so this is an awesome alternative!!

  9. March 13, 2010 7:52 pm

    OH I wish I had a blender…or food processor…or something to blend up coconut! One day 🙂

  10. March 13, 2010 8:02 pm

    Gah! I haven’t even tried the real thing, and now I really want to make your version. Coconut and chocolate together – a perfect match. I’ll bet it’s good in and on anything 🙂

  11. March 13, 2010 9:07 pm

    This sounds delightful! I’ll need to try the sharper blade trick. I also made a sort of raw cacao coconut butter yesterday(more thin than cacao bliss, sweeter, and with the consistancy of a stirred up saratoga peanut butter), but I’m keeping the recipe underwraps for now. You should give a look! They have plenty of great coconut products for playing with(i used their creme concentrate and oil in my butter)

  12. March 13, 2010 9:53 pm

    I have the same blender back at school, so I’m super glad to hear that Heather’s recipe works in it! I attempted to make it at my parent’s house in a food processor, but I ended up with coconut dust (to which I added water so I could make a sort of paste-stuff). It tasted good, but I can’t wait to try the real deal.

    Have a great weekend 🙂


  13. March 13, 2010 11:52 pm

    This looks too good (and easy) to be true. I totally have to try this, although I do have the cacao bliss in my pantry (I have no idea what to do with it). Any ideas?

    • April 29, 2010 4:39 am

      Dorothy’s Raw Chocolate Truffles

      1 Tbsp Cacao Bliss
      3 Tbsp raw cacao powder
      3 Tbsp raw honey
      1 Tbsp raw cacao nibs
      1 tsp peppermint extract

      Mash together well with the back of a spoon and then your hands, and then roll into balls and keep in the fridge. These are incredible and only take 5 minutes to make.

      • April 29, 2010 4:48 am

        Yikes, I forgot the 3 Tbsp raw almond butter! Sorry. Here is corrected recipe from


        1 Tbsp Cacao Bliss
        3 Tbsp raw honey
        3 Tbsp raw almond butter
        3 Tbsp raw cacao powder
        1 Tbsp raw cacao nibs
        1/2 tsp peppermint extract
        Dash cinnamon

        Mash all together with back of spoon and then hands. Roll into balls and store in airtight container in fridge. Outstanding and only take 5 minutes to make.

  14. March 14, 2010 7:15 am

    I really love your blog, girl! I just started reading and I’m already thinking of trying about a billion of your recipes! I especially like the previous post with corn cake pizzas! I never had corn cakes growing up but I did have these amazing, slightly sweet, grainy corn muffin things called Toast-R-Cakes. I’ve only ever found them up north, but if you’re interested you should buy some online!

  15. March 14, 2010 9:08 am

    I seriously must try the Sugar Cookie Tea. I have seen so many bloggers rave about it. I’m totally behind!

  16. March 15, 2010 1:05 am

    Wow. You made Cacao Bliss? You go girl!! Awesomeness! 😉

  17. March 15, 2010 2:35 am

    that looks delish!

  18. March 15, 2010 4:04 am

    Oh girl.. this sounds fabulous! And so easy! who knew?!

  19. Jennifer Trigo permalink
    March 22, 2010 10:47 am

    Hey May. This recipe looks delish and I hope to try it one day. Heather pointed me in your direction when I asked her if she had any blender suggestions since the VitaMix is wayy outa my pocket range. Yours seems to do the trick, with your grinding of coconut and almonds, so I was wondering what kind it is.

    I broke my cheapy one here:(. I need a new one quick! any help is appreciated.

    Thanks, Jenn.

  20. March 24, 2010 8:09 am

    Oh my! So I may have read this recipe and went out this afternoon and bought the coconut to make it! It totally worked, and I’m totally posting the awesomeness of this recipe on my blog! I can’t believe I was actually able to make a nut butter in my blender, believe me my food processor and I don’t get along. Anyway this was really great, and tastes so good!

    • March 25, 2010 3:12 am

      I’m so glad it worked for you!! 🙂 😀

  21. March 26, 2010 8:15 pm

    Wow! What an awesome idea!

  22. March 28, 2010 8:43 am


  23. March 30, 2010 2:32 am

    Hi there, I have looked everywhere locally for Cacao Bliss with no success. I even asked if my local grocery store could get it (since they carry Artisana Coconut Oil, to no avail). And this looks so amazing so I went and tried it and am having problems getting the dried coconut to get to the coconut butter stage. I have a Cusinart food processor that I’m using (<3 years old) and had it going for 20 minutes and it was still completely dry (though more finely ground than before). 😦 I thought it needed some moisture since it's the beginning of spring and we had a dry winter here so I went ahead and added the agave nectar but still nothing. Then I added some water. And still nothing. LOL! I have a Vitamix but am not sure about putting it in there since it would be such a pain to clean it out with something buttery like this, whereas with the food processor it would be so much easier to clean. Any ideas or suggestion? Has anyone else had this issue?

  24. March 4, 2011 1:46 am

    I know this is an old post but I just found it and I’m super excited to try this! Last time I tried making coconut butter in my vita mix, it didn’t work, but I think I’m going to try a new kind of coconut (maybe the kind I had was bad haha) I can’t wait to taste it!!! yumm

  25. gelen permalink
    January 22, 2012 12:53 pm

    does this recipe depends on the blender we’re using? i used an ordinary one and i can’t make it perfectly..!! :((


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