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Cook’s Mission: The Mystery Basket Competition

March 20, 2010

I was so glad to hear positive feedback from my last post. I created the site for the recipe challenge. It’s called Cook’s Mission: The Mystery Basket Competition.


The ingredient will go up Saturday morning at 8:00 EST so everyone has time to see them before their weekend grocery shopping.

Be creative!! I’m so excited for this. 🙂

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  1. March 20, 2010 8:30 pm

    Too fun. Even if I don’t “compete” I can wait to see the results!!

  2. March 20, 2010 8:30 pm

    I’m SO excited about this!!!! You are so smart Mae!

  3. March 21, 2010 12:10 am

    I love this so much Mae!! Delicious and fun idea!!

  4. March 21, 2010 5:36 am

    Got my recipe all planned – just need to pick up some apricots and pretzels. 🙂

  5. From Party To Hearty permalink
    March 21, 2010 6:56 am

    Ugh I would love to get in on these competitions but I can only do so much in my dorm at college. I move into my own apartment during the summer so hopefully everyone will still be participating in these things. It would inspire me to get creative! For now, I can get to see everyone else’s good eats!

  6. March 21, 2010 5:48 pm

    How exciting! I’ll try to participate if I can – if not, next week! I can’t wait to see the results!

  7. March 22, 2010 1:28 am

    This should be fun 😀 I have seen a similar version on TV. can’t wait!

  8. March 22, 2010 12:26 pm

    Oh my goodness…suspense is filling the air! Thanks for the comment on my header – I am so new at this stuff that thing took me hours to make one I liked!

  9. March 23, 2010 3:21 am

    I did a trial run yesterday and will be doing the final product with photos tonight! I’m totally in 🙂

  10. Nora@liveLifeEatright permalink
    March 28, 2010 1:39 am

    Did this weeks ingredients get posted? I can’t tell because I’m on a mobile phone. Can’t wait to play !!

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