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How to make a Claymation

Joe makes these movies all the time…

  1. He starts by setting up a scene- he typically uses a tri fold poster board for the background and then puts his clay characters on the board.
  2. Use a tripod of a box to got your digital camera to the proper position for getting the full picture (without including anything you don’t want in your shot.) This will keep the camera in the same position at all times, so the video comes out better.
  3. Take pictures, moving the figures just a little bit each time. (He takes at least 30 pictures.)
  4. Remove the memory card from your camera and put it into the memory card slot on the computer. If you don’t have a memory card slot, upload the photos and name them for your video.
  5. Open Windows Movie Maker. This comes with windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 but if you don’t have it you can download it here for xp and here for Vista. (Don’t worry, it’s free.)
  6. Change the bottom from story board to “timeline” (bottom left corner)image
  7. Go into “tools” then “options”image
  8. Change both speeds (duration and transition) to .25 secondsimage
  9. Open the folder with the pictures in it and drag them into Movie Maker. image
  10.   These will now appear in the “imported media” desktop-thing.image
  11. Drag your pictures in the RIGHT ORDER into the Storyboard (Shortcut: If they’re already in the right order, you can hit shift and select them all and drag and drop.)image
  12. To add text to the beginning, select a clip from the bottom then click “Titles and Credits”
  13. Add a title to the beginning, then click “Add Title”image
  14. Once back in the main screen, you can also import music from your iTunes (or music clips you’ve saved from online) and drag and drop them into the audio/music section of the timeline.image
  15.   Hit play on the bottom to view your movie so far. You can tweak it to your liking, then click “Publish to: This Computer”
  16.   Name the movie and set a folder for it to publish to.image
  17.   Hit “Next” then “Publish”!!!
  18. Hit “Finish” then watch your movie!!! (It should come up in Window’s Media Player)


You can use this method with almost anything: Legos, clay, drawings, etc. Have fun with it!!

Bonus: To do a drawing animation, start to draw something then add a little line every time you take a picture. When you import them it looks like the computer is drawing the picture!

Email me if you need any more help!

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