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I know it’s hard to stock a new kitchen, or any kitchen at all. I worked hard to pick out the best quality and most economic solutions. Do you need to spend $400 on a blender? Can a $40 blender work just as good? What are the most important tools? Find all your solutions here. 🙂


Blenders are essential to healthy eating and realistically many kitchen tasks. I got this blender for Christmas (it’s about a $40 blender) and so far it’s accomplished all tasks I’ve needed it for. It makes mean protein ice cream and my green smoothies every morning.

Super bonus: it does an awesome job on nut butter. Smooth and creamy!

For $40 it’s a great deal. I actually like that the parts separate for thorough cleaning. The square shape of the carafe is great to create the smoothie “vortex.”

Buy it here.


This food processor has worked wonderful for me for years. It’s one of the least expensive full size food processors and it does a great job chopping, shredding, mixing and whipping bananas. 🙂 If it has one con, I would say it’s ability to handle small batches leaves a bit to be desired. It just takes a little extra effort. Overall, it’s a very durable and reasonable piece of kitchen equipment.

Buy it here.

Rice Cooker


Rice cookers are a great tool, especially for no-maitnence morning oatmeal. They cook perfect brown, white, or wild rice as well as other grains like quinoa, barley, and even can make things like tomato sauce and curry dishes. Mine has certainly been through all this! The best part is it’s less than $15 and works beautifully.

Buy it here.

Steamer basket


Potatoes, green beans, asparagus, cous cous, carrots, fiddlehead ferns, spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower…Steaming is an essential cooking method to preserve nutrition and make your vegetables, grains, fruit, or meat more digestible. We use the steamer for clams, to pre-cook grilled chicken wings, simple vegetable side dishes, and to reheat tons of different dishes. Basically any instruction to “blanch” or “broil” you can make healthier by steaming.

Buy it here.

Melon Baller


Yes. The all essential tool for fruit baskets and fancy appetizers. The Oxo has a comfortable grip which is nice for big jobs!

Buy it here.

Cutting board


I like bamboo a lot for my cutting board. It doesn’t dull the knives and doesn’t get nicked as easily as wooden boards. This one is about paper size which is big enough to mince, dice and chop an onion, pepper, apple, etc. I like a bigger cutting board for bigger jobs but this one is perfect with limited counter space. Plus it cleans easily!

Buy it here.

Wooden Spoons


A small and large are great for stirring, turning, candy making, sauce brewing, and keeping your non-stick ware scratch free.

Buy the small. Buy the large.

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