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Primal Strips: Texas BBQ


These primal strips were of the soy variety. They’re made with soy protein isolate but surprisingly still have a meat-like texture. Texas BBQ Primal Strips are moist, tangy and sweet with a little spicy kick. I really liked the flavor, and I think this is my favorite overall.

The actual strip has the texture of a moist beef jerky. It pulls apart in layers to reveal the flavor infused center. It’s chewy and a subtly nutty. Other than being a little high in sodium, the jerky offers a pretty impressive lower calorie vegetarian protein boost.

I love munching Primal Strips after a workout or while I’m on a walk with friends. They just taste more “real” than other vegetarian protein sources, like bars or shakes. When you’re craving real, salty food but don’t have the time this is the perfect option.

Overall: itunes-5-stars - Copy

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