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Yogi Himalayan Apple Spice Tea


Yogi recenly sent me a variety of their products to try out and I could not by happier! This tea is so calming and warming- it’s perfect for North Eastern winter nights.

Yogi Himalayan Apple Spice tea is loaded with flavorful ingredients- from ginger to cloves to apple powder, the ingredients sound like apple pie in a cup!

My first impression of the taste is warmth. The flavor is subtly spicy and warming, but then at the end of each sip you’re hit with an note of apple flavor. I really enjoy how it tastes!


Annother bonus of this tea is it virtually sweetens itself. Stevia leaf is one of the ingredients and just in steeping for 4 minutes, you can really taste the sweetness!

If you like sweet and spicy apple pie in a cup, this tea is for you!


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